Things To Do In October

Pumpkin Patch | Things To Do In October

Autumn is finally here with the change in the weather we have been having!  No two days are the same.  Yesterday was wet, windy and freezing.  The day before was 16°C and sunny.  You start the day with warm clothes then end up feeling all hot and sweaty as the temperature has increased by about 20°C!  I did start doing a things to do post last month but I had a kidney infection so by the time I felt better it was almost midway through September so will save it for next year.  October is a busy month with school holidays, scarecrow festivals, Halloween, etc so take a look and see what is on in your local area.  Here are some things to do in October if you are stuck for ideas.

Things to do in October



When it’s wet and windy outside what better way to spend the day inside and eating some freshly baked treats.  How about an Apple and Blackberry Crumble for dessert?  Spiced Pumpkin Muffins?
Apple & Blackberry Crumble | Things To Do In October

Pumpkin Patch

October is pumpkin season.  While you can pick up a pumpkin cheaply in a supermarket a trip to the pumpkin patch is much more fun!  The last couple of years we went to the local pumpkin patch but we decided to go somewhere else this year.  We are heading to Brechin Castle Gardens for their Halloween Pumpkin Patch.  Most pumpkin patches have activities there for the kids as well as hot food and drinks for the adults.


Pumpkin Patch | Things To Do In October

Pumpkin Patch 2021


Autumn Walks

Autumn is the best time to go for a woodland walk.  The trees are full of colour and wildlife are busy collecting food for winter so wrap up warm and head out to your nearest park, nature trail or forest.  You could even take a picnic with you with soup, sandwiches, sausage rolls and apple pies.
Autumn Walks | Things To Do In October

Black History Month

October is black history month.  This is to celebrate the achievements and contributions of black people in the UK and all around the world.  There will be various exhibitions around the UK during the month of October where you can find out more about events and people who shaped the way Britain stands today.  For younger children Little People, Big Dreams are excellent books for them to find out about historical figures, scientists, artists, etc.  They give facts about the person in an easy to understand way.  I have just bought the Nelson Mandela book to add to our growing collection so we will be reading that along with the Rosa Park one this month.
Little People Big Dreams Nelson Mandela & Rosa Parks books

Indoor Activities

It is time to dig out those indoor activities on those cold, wet and windy days.   Play-doh, puzzles, board games or even a movie afternoon are good for those rainy days.  Arts and crafts is a another way to entertain the younger ones.  I think I have half of Baker Ross’ stock in my house with stickers, paper, paints, glitter and glue galore in our craft boxes.  Note boxes plural and not box singular!!  I’ve got a board on Pinterest for Autumn activities for Children if you are looking for things to do.




October ends with Halloween, my second favourite time of the year.  I decorate the house as much as I do at Christmas time with Halloween decor.   This year I even bought Halloween towels and matching bath mat.  Are you all organised with costumes, sweets, etc?  If not most supermarkets sell Halloween costumes that you can pick up while doing your weekly shop or if you have the time and are crafty then you can make your own.

Book Christmas Events

If you haven’t already booked anything now is the time to do it before it all sells out.  So far we are just booked for a Christmas Lights trail but I’m looking for a couple of other events to do.

What are your plans for this month?  Let me know below.

Things To Do In October | here are a few #ideas on what #to #do in #october

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