Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers

Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers | Are you looking for some fun activities this Autumn for your toddler? Find out what is on our Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers

I know that it is still technically Summer but this year has been a blur since we first locked down in March. Believe it or not, Autumn is right around the corner. In fact, I’ve even noticed that some trees were beginning to turn colour beginning of August. Maybe like the rest of us they too want the horror of 2020 to end!!  Hopefully we can finish this year with better memories than what the first 6 months  had and what better way to do it than a bucket list!  I decided to do an Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers since Covid-19 decided to interfere with our Spring and Summer plans this year.

Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers | Are you looking for some fun activities this Autumn for your toddler? Find out what is on our Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers

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Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers


Collect Different Coloured Leaves

We live nearby a couple of parks and also some woods so we will be able to collect a variety of different leaves in Autumn colours.  I have a few crafts in mind to put these leaves to good use.


Jump In A Leaf Pile

There will be plenty of leaves lying around in the parks so it will be really easy to build a leaf pile for them to jump in.  I’m pretty sure most toddlers will find jumping in leaves and throwing them in the air a lot of fun.


Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Sadly I don’t think our local pumpkin patch will be open this year.  There are a couple more further afield so will need to see if they are open.  If not then it looks like a trip to the local supermarket to buy a pumpkin from there instead.


Carve A Pumpkin

Last year Noah loved scooping out the insides of the pumpkin.  That can be his task again this year as I really hate that part!  If you aren’t keen on carving your pumpkin you could either paint them or use these (#aff) pumpkin stick ons £2.99 from Amazon instead.

Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers | Pumpkin Carving

Do Some Autumn Sensory Play

I have done a little bit of sensory play with Noah and have even taken him to a couple of Messy Play events which he really enjoyed.  I bought him a tuff tray in February as I had huge plans to do things with it but it hasn’t made it out of the garage yet.  Pinterest has a huge amount of sensory play ideas where I am sure you will find something you will both enjoy.


Dress Up In A Halloween Costume

Normally our neighbourhood is swarming with Trick or Treaters but I don’t think that will be happening this year nor any Halloween events to go to. Being ultra organised I bought him 2 Halloween outfits last year in the sales.  So he can get the benefit of the costumes we will dress up anyway!  He can be a monster during the day and can change into a pirate at night.  Obviously will need to get the obligatory Halloween costume photos too.  Here are his previous years costumes:

Baby Halloween Costume

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch 2018


Vampire Toddler Halloween Costume

The Littlest Vampire 2019


Go Trick or Treating

This might be a no-go this year but will go round to my Mum’s house so she can see him and will probably give him all the sugary snacks before sending him home again!


Read An Autumn Book

Last year I bought a few Autumn books for Noah to read.  The Gruffalo seemed to be his favourite but maybe that will change to another one this year.  I wrote a post on the Autumn Books for Toddlers that I bought for Noah last year.  I also have a Halloween Books for Toddlers post coming soon.

Autumn Books For Toddlers | The best autumn books to help your toddler understand about Autumn.

Splash In Some Puddles

This Summer, Noah loved splashing about in the water he was supposed to use to water the plants with instead he made a puddle with it!!  I already have waterproofs and wellies in anticipation of the splashing that I will no doubt have to drag him away from!  What is it with toddlers and water?!


Go On A Nature Scavenger Hunt

At this time of year there are lots of things happening in nature.  Leaves, conkers, pine cones, twigs, etc all fallen from trees.  Berries growing on them.  Also squirrels can be spotted gathering a stash of food for Winter.  You can make your own Scavenger Hunt checklist or you can find plenty of printable online that you can use.  The (#aff) Gruffalo Autumn and Winter Trail book (Amazon £6.37 ) is fantastic for this as it has various pictures of leaves, berries, insects, etc that you need to find.  It also has fun activities such as mud painting, making leaf art, seed bombs and cone bird feeders.


Make Some Autumn Crafts

I’ve got quite a few Autumn themed crafts lined up this season as well as ones for Halloween and Bonfire Night.  I have bought 48271 crafty things as well as being on the look out for leaves, etc to keep Noah entertained on the days where it’s not so nice to go out.  I am hoping to get a post done for the crafts.  Might even try and push it to 3 separate posts; one each for Autumn, Halloween and Bonfire Night if time allows.



Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers | Have fun checking off the things on this Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers

Other things on our Autumn Bucket List for Toddlers 


Halloween Basket

Last year I made up a Halloween Basket for Noah.  His favourite items were the chocolate (obviously) but also a projector torch, it kept him entertained for hours.  I’ve already picked up a few things for him this year as well as reusing some of last year’s contents.

Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats

Autumn Picnic

I have always wanted to have an Autumn picnic on those days that aren’t too cold or wet.  Hopefully we manage to do that this year.  Food such as sausage rolls, ginger cake and creamy mushroom soup.  You know, all that kind of healthy stuff!!  Make sure you have a water proofed picnic rug or even camping chairs if you do this, you don’t want to walk around with a wet bum!


Halloween Night In

Being a huge fan of Halloween I had hoped that we could have an annual Halloween party for Noah and his friends while he was growing up.  Obviously this year will be a non starter so will just have a Halloween night in instead.  We can decorate the house, have some Halloween themed food and watch  a Halloween special or film if he will stay still long enough.  Hopefully next year things will have improved and we can start having parties.


Bonfire Night In

Our town’s annual bonfire and fireworks display has been cancelled this year.  I’m sure that all the local wildlife, cats and dogs will breathe a sigh of relief at the lack of bangs that night.  Although no doubt there will be people who will be buying up stocks of fireworks from the supermarkets to counteract the quietness!  We will just make do with some sparklers and Bonfire Night crafts instead.
Autumn Bucket List | Things To Do With Your Toddler In Autumn #autumn #bucket #list #toddlers #fall

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2 responses to “Autumn Bucket List For Toddlers”

  1. Carol says:

    When I was little, playing in leaves was such fun. I even built a house or fort with them making little piles around me. Of course jumping into a big pile is the best! Fun list. #MMBC

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! What lovely ideas. I do love Autumn, I think it might be my favourite season. My two still love carving pumpkins even at their age. hehehe

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