My At Home Pamper Routine


Who doesn’t love a good pamper session? There is nothing like sitting in a warm bath surrounded by bubbles and candles to help you relax and forget about things for a while. I tend to do a pamper evening on a Sunday to set me up for the week ahead and hopefully erase any signs of late nights and partying that I may have done over the weekend. So light up those candles, run your bath and look out all your products you will need for your pampering session.

Lush Snow Fairy; Body Shop British Rose Products


Yes To Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner; Cruelty Free Beauty

My At Home Pamper Routine

While my bath is running I will wash and condition my hair. I’m currently using Yes To Carrots as I have psoriasis and my scalp is dry and flaky at the moment but I find that my scalp is less itchy with using this shampoo and conditioner. Also it smells much nicer and is better for your hair than that nasty smelling coal tar shampoos that you can buy.  I then wrap my hair in a towel and remove the makeup and dirt of the day from my face using B. Melting Gel Cleanser.  This goes on as a gel but as you massage it into your face it melts into an oil and turns into a milky toner as you wash it off.  It’s a similar product to the Clarins one I used to use but is a much cheaper and cruelty free version. Once my face is make up free I exfoliate using Dr Organics Manuka Honey Scrub.  I then follow that with The Body Shop’s British Rose Plumping Mask.  Which btw smells amazing

Now that my bath is nearly finished running I will add in either a Lush Bubble Bar or Bath Bomb (Candy Mountain and Northern Lights are my current favourites) to make the bath water look and smell pretty before stepping into it. Once in I just lie back and relax while my face mask gets to work. After 10 minutes I will remove the mask with a clean face cloth. After I’ve had a good long soak in the bath, I let the water out and start the shower so I can do the next part of my pamper routine. I will exfoliate using the Body Shop’s British Rose Body Exfoliater which I got in their Advent Calendar. This like the plumping mask also smells divine, it doesn’t smell like some of the in-your-face-smells-like-a-granny fragrance that you quite often find with rose scented products but this has a more softer and delicate perfume to it. After the exfoliater is washed off I will then use a shower gel to wash and also so I can use my razor without cutting myself or making small nicks in my skin as we all know the pain of soapy water running down your leg and stinging where you have lacerated your leg while shaving! When I’m out of the shower I love to put on a really good body lotion, again I’m using a British Rose product from the Body Shop, their body butters are so good and leave your skin lovely and soft. I also apply a night cream to my face, I’m using the Body Shop’s Vitamin E cream that I got in my advent calendar and it leaves your skin soft and plump so I will be buying a full sized version as I have nearly finished the tub that I am using.

After my body butter has sunk in I like to put on a pair of cosy PJs and paint my nails, after a disaster of using an orange shade on my nails without using a base coat I now always, always use one. Having nails that looked as though I was a 60 a day Benson & Hedges smoker after removing the nail varnish was not a good look! Took ages to lose the tinge that was left on my nails 🙁

Do you have pamper sessions at home? What’s your favourite products that you use?


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