Chatty Update

Chatty Update

For many people the past 12 months have been really hard. People have lost loved ones, jobs, their mental health has seen a massive decline as well as not being able to do very much or see friends and family. Thankfully with more and more people being vaccinated and restrictions beginning to ease things are starting to become more positive.


Chatty Update


For me personally I have really struggled over the last 12 months.  My Dad died at the beginning of the first lockdown, I was my Mum’s only support as she couldn’t meet up with anyone in person as well as look after a 2 now turned 3 year old.  Oh and go to work.  This meant I was having to do eleventy billion things a day with sorting out admin things that my Dad did, entertain a toddler who wouldn’t go to sleep until 10pm every night, visit my Mum and keep up with household chores.  Something had to give and that was my blog/social media.  There was no way that I could fit that side of things in so I just had to let it slide.


Thankfully things are starting to get better with restrictions easing so my Mum can meet up with her friends again so I won’t need to go round 3 times a week.  She said that she really struggled with this and found it harder over the Winter months which I’m sure a lot of people have found.  Also Noah started nursery 2 weeks ago so that will give me one whole day to myself a week.   Although this day will need to stretch like elastic to fit all the things I need to do in it!!


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With a bit more time to do things I plan to spend more time on my blog and will have more posts coming up shortly.  There will be more recipe, Slimming World (anyone else have lockdown weight to lose or is it just me?!) lifestyle and parenting posts coming up.  Also I have started a new YouTube channel. I’m just starting off with the easy stuff to begin with such as meal ideas, grocery hauls and recipes until I get the hang of editing, etc.  Working my way up to maybe do Day in the Life vlogs and the like.  I’d love it if you would subscribe 💕.


Chatty Update My New YouTube Channel


So that’s an update from me.  If there is anything that you would like to see on my blog or on my YouTube channel then let me know below.




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