Autumn Decor Haul

Autumn Decor Haul | Next & Etsy Autumn Buys

We are now almost at the end of August and everything is taking on that gorgeous warm, golden colour of late summer that makes me look forward to Autumn.  Actually I’ve been looking forward to Autumn for most of the Summer as it’s been far too bloomin’ hot!!  Bring on the cooler, crisp Autumn mornings and rainy nights!  I have decorated my home every Autumn for quite a few years now but some things were starting to look a little tired and worn.  So I decided to buy a few things to replace them as well as some other items that I liked.  Here is what I bought in my Autumn Decor Haul.
Autumn Decor Haul | Next & Etsy Autumn Buys

Autumn Decor Haul


Pumpkin Doormat

This ‘Hey There Pumpkin’ doormat from Next (£14, although has since gone up to £16) is for outside my front door.  My plan is to have the outside decorated with a few pumpkins and some fairy lights in a lantern to brighten up the front door in the darker evenings.
Next Hey There Pumpkin Doormat | Next Autum Items

Pumpkin Casserole Dish

This gorgeous pumpkin casserole dish is also a buy from Next (£44).  I thought it would be ideal to cook some comforting dishes such as stews, casseroles, etc during this Autumn season.  They did have them in stock last year but sold out before I managed to buy one.  It also comes in a smaller size in cream.
Next Pumpkin Casserole Dish | Autumn Decor Haul

Autumn Cushions

Our last Autumn cushions were past their best as they had pulls in the material as well as being a bit flattened.  I had been on the Asda website looking for seat pads for my garden furniture and came across these Hello Autumn cushions.  They were £7 but Asda had a 30% off home event and they came in at only £4.90 each. Bargain!
Autumn Decor Haul | George Hello Autumn Cushions

Wooden Toadstools

How cute are these wooden woodland toadstools from Tiny Treasures Grow on Etsy?  I think I might put these on my console table during Autumn but not decided yet.  I also thought that they would also work well during the Winter months too with some pine leaves for a woodland effect.

Hello Autumn Blocks

These ‘Hello Autumn’ blocks (£12.99) are from the seller Tiers of Joy on Etsy.  I will be putting these on my console table along with a few other Autumnal pieces I have.
Etsy Autumn Buys

Pumpkin Serving Board

I have got a bit of a thing for charcuterie boards at the moment and this pretty pumpkin serving board (also from Next £20 but is out of stock online) is ideal for an Autumnal themed board.  Now to decide whether to do a sweet or savoury board first.
Next Pumpkin Serving Board


How cute are these pumpkin family mugs?  These were also from Next, £6 each for the  Mumkin and Popkin mugs and £5 for the Munchkin one.  I thought these would be ideal for a hot chocolate to warm us up on a cold Autumn afternoon.
Next Pumpkin Family Mugs

Pumpkin Oven Gloves & Tea Towels

I’m all about the seasonal oven gloves and tea towels for my kitchen.  I have ones for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and even Valentine’s Day. Yes, I really am that sad!!  The Autumn ones that I already have are ancient, stained and well passed their best so I decided to buy some new ones.  I had a look in TK Maxx/Homesense but they just had Halloween ones.  It will come as no surprise that I bought these pumpkin oven gloves and tea towels from Next since it would seem 90% of this blog post contains purchases from there!!
Autumn Decor Haul | Next Pumpkin Tea Towels and Oven Gloves

So there is my Autumn Decor Haul, I have bought a few other things that I’ve not put on here but I’m hoping to do a Autumn Decor Reel over on Instagram as well as a blog post too.  Have you bought any Autumn decor this year?  Let me know below.



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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh! I love Autumn and these items are perfect for the season. That Pumpkin Casserole Dish is just fabulous and the toadstools are so cute. x

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