Autumn Books for Children

Autumn Books for Children

Reading books that are seasonal will help your young child to understand the changing seasons as well as festivals and holidays such as Diwali, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Here are my favourite Autumn books for Children to read.

Autumn Books for Children
Can you believe it’s almost autumn?  Nope, me neither but I look forward to it coming every year as it is the season that I love the most. The season of colourful falling leaves, pumpkins, windy days, Halloween and bonfires.  Although I introduced Noah to Autumn books when he was a toddler he has since outgrown quite a few of them so I decided to update his collection.  As well as books about Autumn I have added in some about Diwali and Thanksgiving too.  I think it is important that children are aware of festivals or holidays that other people celebrate even if we don’t celebrate them ourselves.

To keep his seasonal books away from his normal every day books I bought him a bookcase to keep them in.   I moved a few things around his room and made a little reading area for him to sit there and read whichever book takes his fancy.   I even put up a little ’Autumn’ banner that I bought on Etsy.
Autumn Books for Children
If you are looking for some new Autumn (or Fall if you are American) books here is our Autumn Books for Children list.

Autumn Books for Children


Let it Fall

Although this book is probably more suited to American readers due to the spelling of some words and the things mentioned such as bears and county fairs it is still a lovely book.  Let it Fall by Maryann Cocca-Leffler is written in rhyme so it flows easy when reading as well as having colourful illustrations to look at.

Autumn Books for Children | Fall stories for young children | Let it Fall



We have had the Autumn by Ailie Busby book since Noah was a toddler and he still enjoys reading it now.  We have all four seasons of these books which tells stories of what children can get up to during the various seasons.  Autumn tells a story of activities of splashing in muddy puddles, collecting acorns, picking blackberries and making pies.  As well as having pretty pictures to look at, it shows what things they can do during the Autumn months.
Autumn children’s book by Ailie Busbie

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler is probably our most read book.  Noah has enjoyed this book since he was a toddler and now reads it himself.  It is from memory that he can recite the story as my Mum thought she was in the presence of a child genius when he was ‘reading’ the story to her!  In fact I also know this book word for word. The story is about a little mouse and who he meets walking through the deep dark wood.
The Gruffalo Book for Autumn

The Gruffalo Autumn & Winter Nature Trail

This is a really good book for doing nature trails with your kids of any age.  You can buy the books individually or you can buy the Autumn/Winter combined.   The book gets you to look for different coloured leaves, scavenger hunts and also has outdoor activities such as making leaf art or mud pictures.  There are activities to do in the book too as well as some interesting facts to learn.
The Gruffalo’s Autumn & Winter Nature Trail Book

Peppa’s Diwali

This book is a good introduction to Diwali for young kids.  While it doesn’t explain what Diwali is actually about it does show Peppa and her family celebrating the Festival of Light with food, fireworks and getting dressed up.
Peppa’s Diwali Book

Squirrel’s Autumn Search

Squirrel’s Autumn Search is a book that we’ve had since the toddler days.  This book is about a squirrel who forgets where he has hidden his food after playing with his brother.  He searches high and low for his Autumn stash before eventually finding it.  There are also pages at the back that suggests some activities you can do with your child.
Squirrel’s Autumn Search Book

Because of an Acorn

While this book is good for explaining about ecosystems I think I might leave this one until next year.  There is a cute picture of a chipmunk away to eat some fruit and the next page is of a snake which is about to eat the chipmunk.  The following page is a hawk which has picked up the snake.  I’ve not discussed the death and destruction that happens in nature to Noah yet so might be best to leave this one until next year.
Because of an acorn Children’s Book

Thanks for Thanksgiving

This book is more about the thankfulness of Thanksgiving rather than the story of the Pilgrims.  I did also buy a book about the Pilgrims to explain the story of Thanksgiving which was called strangely enough The Pilgrims.  Thanks for Thanksgiving is a story told in rhyme and is about everything a child is thankful for such as play dates, slides, family, food, etc.  There is also a page for your child to write what they are thankful for if they want to.
Thanks for Thanksgiving Fall book
Have you read any of these books or do you have any Autumn favourites?  Let me know below which ones you love.
Autumn Books for Children | Fall Stories for Kids

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