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It’s maybe only the 1st of March and Spring isn’t officially here until the 20th but I’m starting to look forward to the new season now that the nights are beginning to get a bit lighter and (fingers crossed) the weather will be getting a bit warmer although today was pretty Baltic outside and the pavements were slippy with ice so maybe I’m getting my hopes up a little too early.

Although I am more of an Autumn kind of girl, Spring is my second favourite season as it signifies a fresh start and means we can come out of our hibernation and begin to enjoy the weather and our surroundings, and these are the reasons why:

Lighter nights. It’s so nice to leave work and it is still daylight as going to work in the dark and coming home when it’s dark is really depressing.  Also lighter nights means more natural light for taking blog photos so no more rushing around taking 153462 photos at the weekend as that’s the only time you have with daylight.

Flowers.  Lots of flowers are popping up out of the ground such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths and make colourful landscapes. Also the blossom on the trees look so pretty and instagrammable.  I picked up these flowers from Aldi and they smell really lovely as well as looking pretty. Also tulips seem to be the perfect choice of flowers in blog photos and flat lays.

Lambs.  As I live and work in the countryside I always pass fields of lambs on my daily commute and seeing their cute little faces and hearing their little baa’s makes my heart melt.

Rabbits. As above I see lots of rabbits on my travels and seeing the little bunnies hop around and play with their siblings is just so sweet, makes me miss not having pet bunnies anymore :(.

Warmer weather. Living in Scotland the temperature is never going to get really high but I have seen it at 17/18 degrees in March which is Scorchio at that time of year; people look out their sunglasses, slap on the sunscreen and enjoy the sunshine. Usually this is followed by a couple of days of snow the week after.

Fresh scents. Whether it’s from fragrant flowers or a new candle I like to change the scents in my house from winter spices to a fresher smell like this Cucumber & Mint Yankee Candle I picked up in Tesco at the weekend, it smells divine. Floral fragrances are good for this time of year too.

Being more active. I’m more likely to walk somewhere or do outdoor activities when it’s sunny and warm than when it’s blowing a gale and rain is hammering down outside. Brrrrrr!

Spring fashion. Love not having to go out wearing a jumper, thick jacket, hat, scarf, gloves and looking 2 stone heavier due to all the layers. The stores now have their Spring/Summer stock in so its a perfect excuse to buy some things for the change in season.

Eating outside. With the weather getting warmer it’s an ideal time to go for a picnic, sit outside a cafe with a coffee or just to grab a blanket and sit out in your garden with a sandwich. If you are feeling really brave dust off the BBQ and light up, it will likely chuck down with rain once you have put the burgers on the grill, you have been warned!

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables. I do find that I eat a lot more lighter foods during the Spring and Summer months and less stodge, filling my plate with fresh salads, steamed asparagus and eating plenty of berries and other fruits. Maybe it’s just all in the mind but I do think that food tastes better when you eat them when they are in season.

What do you love about Spring?


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