Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

Now that Autumn is fast approaching it is the perfect time to think on how you can update your flat lays.  I wrote a post last year on the different backgrounds and prop ideas you could use but I wanted to do posts for the different seasons too.  I’ve put together some autumn photo prop ideas to give you some inspiration.

Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

Autumn Leaves, Acorns, Berries, Conkers and Pine Cones

If you are looking for some totally free autumn photo prop ideas then head to your nearest park or wooded area.  Here you will pick up loads of different shades of autumn leaves, fallen acorns, berries and pine cones.  You can even pick up some conkers.  If you have kids you can make it into a scavenger hunt for them.  You can find scavenger hunt printables on Pinterest.  Just make sure you aren’t taking any ‘visitors’ of the creepy crawly variety home with you.

Don’t worry if you don’t live local to somewhere where you can pick some up, eBay has a few sellers.  I’ve purchased fabric autumn leaves, pine cones and acorns from there because I’m too lazy to find my own to save time.


Pumpkins, Cinnamon Sticks and Star Anise

You don’t have to just use food as photo props on recipe posts.  They can be used in any type of post really.  Small pumpkins, cinnamon sticks and star anise are the perfect foods to use as well as smelling so good.  Plus you can pick them up from the supermarket when you are doing your shopping.


Pumpkin and cinnamon sticks

Fairy Lights and Candles

The dark nights of Autumn automatically make you think of being warm and cosy indoors with twinkly fairy lights and candlelight.  Although a lit candle doesn’t always work well as a blog prop (as well as being a fire hazard) it does work being unlit.  Go for fairy lights with a warm white glow rather than the brightly multicoloured ones.  The only place for them is on a Christmas Tree!



A few years ago it was the light box that made an appearance in blog photos but more recently the pegboard has been showing up.  I’ve just bought one so I guess that it will probably die a death now!  These are ideal for putting the post title on, seasonal quotes or whatever you want really.  I bought mine on eBay but have spotted them in Home Bargains for around £6.99.


Scarves, Jumpers and Blankets


Add texture to your flat lay by using scarves, jumpers, blankets, etc.  Bonus points if they are in Autumnal colours such as red, brown, yellow or orange.



Tea, hot chocolate or even a PSL (that’s a Pumpkin Spiced Latte to us normal folk) in an autumnal mug is a flat lay staple.  There are loads of different designs out there but I really loved this Laura Ashley Woodland Fox mug.  I might pick it up next time I’m in town as the cost of delivery is almost as much as the mug.




Although I don’t have any autumn themed books myself I have bought Noah quite a lot few. Books are good for adding to a flat lay as it gives off a cosy vibe along with a blanket, candle and a mug of tea.  However using the book ‘That’s Not My Squirrel’ will not give off the cosy vibe look.


I hope you found my Autumn photo prop ideas useful.  What props do you use in your Autumn flat lays?  Let me know in the comments below.
Autumn Photo Prop Ideas | If you are looking for some ideas on what props to use in your Autumnal blog posts and Instagram flat lays then you’ve come to the right place

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  1. great ideas!! Love the cinnamon stick and star anise! #MMBC

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