8 Date Night At Home Ideas

8 Date Night At Home Ideas | Looking for some #date #night #at #home #ideas? Then look no further as I have 8 of them right here for you!

Since having a baby, we have fallen into that trap of spending less and less time alone together.  We are both knackered by the end of the day with being at work and looking after Noah that the thought of getting ready and going out somewhere makes me want to fall down in a heap on the floor.  Also after being on maternity pay and now just working two days a week (where more than half my salary goes to the childminder) means that there is less spare cash available to go out places.  So we have decided to try a date night at home at least once a month as these tend to be cheap, no babysitter needed and no travel involved.

A date night at home is definitely underrated.  Whether you are saving for a deposit, skint, have children or you just can’t be arsed going out then this is for you.  Here are 8 ideas to get you started.  Oh btw most ideas involve food!
8 Date Night At Home Ideas | Looking for some #date #night #at #home #ideas? Then look no further as I have 8 of them right here for you!

Eight Date Night At Home Ideas


Movie Night

Pick a film, grab all the snacks, dim the lights and press play.  Having a movie night at home is much cheaper than going to the cinema (last time we went there wasn’t much change out of £30 after buying tickets and snacks!) plus there won’t be any annoying people that come in late  and disturb the start of the film.


Romantic Meal

If you are a decent cook then why not make a meal at home, there are plenty of recipes to be found in books and online.  Don’t fancy making something yourself? Why not grab an M&S Dine in for Two or your favourite takeaway.  Then set the table, light some candles, pour some wine and serve the food.


Video Games

Pick whichever game that you know you can kick their ass at will both enjoy as you battle it out for the Winner’s Title.  The loser has to do a forfeit such as pay for pizza, get up first in the morning with the baby or give a back massage.



Themed Night

Choose a country you have always wanted to go and cook dinner inspired by there.  So if you have always wanted to head to Italy how about a pasta dish?  This Penne Arrabbiata is easy to make and very delicious.  Or if you fancy France? Then why not try ratatouille and macarons.  If you are mad for Mexico then fajitas, burritos or tacos are pretty good to eat.  Sombreros  and maracas are optional.


Games Night

Playing games such as Scrabble, Monopoly or Jenga can be fun even if there are only the two of you.  There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competitiveness going on either.  Get your drinks and snacks ready before you start so there’s no chance to cheat when someone is in the kitchen!


Garden (or Indoor) Picnic

Get a blanket, some tasty finger foods and chilled drinks and sit on the grass and watch the sun go down.  If it’s winter or raining (highly likely being in the UK) then have your picnic indoors instead.  Lay your blanket down in the living room and eat your food there while you are cosy and snug indoors.


Make a Playlist

As William Shakespeare once said “If music be the food of love…” then why not make a playlist of ‘your’ songs or of songs that you haven’t heard in years but you still know all the words to.  Slightly off topic but can anyone else remember the lyrics from a song they last heard at 15 but can’t remember what you had for your tea 2 nights ago?  I’m sure I can’t be the only one!  Whether you want to just listen and chill or duet together is entirely up to you.


Cocktail Making

Raid your drinks cabinet and make up some cocktails.  You could make up your own one or recreate one from your favourite bar.  Extra points for going all fancy with garnishes, parasols and errrmmm rimming (the glass kind).
8 Date Night At Hime Ideas
Do you have date nights at home? What ones do you do?
8 Date Night At Home Ideas | Looking for some #date #night #at #home #ideas? Then look no further as there are 8 ideas for you right here!
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