Meal Plan Monday | Monday 19th September 2016



Hope you all had an amazing weekend? Although it was quite warm for September you do see that the weather is finally starting to turn into Autumn which is my favourite season.  Autumn weather brings warming foods such as casseroles, stews and soups, none of which are on my menu this week but will be making an appearance in the coming month.  While I was in Marks and Spencer this week I saw that they are starting to bring in their Christmas party food, this has spurred me in to use what is in the freezer to make room for the extra food we will be having over the festive period.  I am hoping to start buying some things for Christmas in the next couple of weeks so I don’t have a huge food bill in December.
This week’s menu is:
Monday – Veggie burgers, chips and gluten free onion rings.
Tuesday – Pasta Bolognaise and gluten free garlic bread
Wednesday – Bolognaise left overs
Thursday – Chinese Pork Steaks, sweet potato fries and veg
Friday – Slow cooked BBQ Chicken and rice
Saturday & Sunday will probably have a takeaway one day and something from M&S the other.
If you want to join in with the meal plan add your blog post link to the linky below, don’t have a blog then just let me know what’s on your menu in the comments.
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