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Following on from my first A-Z post a month ago, here is my letter B!

When I have the time I love to bake whether it’s cupcakes, cookies, cake and I also (used to) love eating them too! Since cutting out dairy/wheat/gluten/taste from my diet I can no longer eat these :(, so I’ve been looking for alternatives but so far haven’t managed to come up with something that tastes nice.  I found a recipe for Almond Avocado Pancakes online that sounded delicious and also had amazing comments. I made them and they tasted vile!! I definitely won’t be making them again! So the hunt is now on for finding recipes for sweet treats that I can eat.  If you know of any please let me know as I would love to give them a try.

For those of you lucky people who are able to enjoy dairy/wheat with no problems, here is a couple of recipes from my past that I loved making (and eating)! Let me know if you have given them a try. My favourite was the Chocolate Orange Cheesecake!

Looking at these photos from when I first started blogging, I can see now that they were ummmm crap! I have just invested in a new camera so hopefully that and my improved technique will produce better quality pics 🙂

Chocolate M&M Cookies

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

Traditional Christmas Cake

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6 responses to “A-Z of Me”

  1. Pilar says:

    Nice post Denise! I love baking too as well as cooking. Those cookies look so good! I haven't made homemade cookies in a long time!

    • admin says:

      Hi Pilar

      Sorry for the late reply! They were really good! You will have to give them a try, when you eat them and they are still warm the chocolate is really gooey! Yum!! Xx

  2. I had baking on mine too 🙂 The chocolate orange cheesecake looks fab, anything with Terry's chocolate orange is definitely a winner 🙂 xx

    • admin says:

      Hi Louisa

      Sorry for the late reply! I associate chocolate orange with Christmas for some reason, think it was because there was always one in my stocking 🙂 but I agree anything with Chocolate Orange is a definite winner. Hope you are well, I see from MSE you were in on the same day as me for the same procedure. We must be going through it together again at the same time? I'm booked in on the week of the 8th September. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  3. I like to bake too but don't think I'm great. You are a star though – just check out those cookies!! Yum!
    I hope you're able to find some more yummy recipes that are dairy/wheat/gluten free. I'd love to give those a try too as it seems my other half may be lactose intolerant.

    Best wishes, Danielle x

  4. admin says:

    Hi Danielle

    Sorry for the late reply. That's not so good about your OH, intolerances suck no matter what it is! It's amazing how much ready meals have milk or gluten in it :(. Those cookies are definitely worth trying as they have gooey chocolate in them when warm. Yum! I have a couple of things in mind but need to try them out first or they may turn into a disaster lol

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