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I love reading other people’s tag posts as it gets you to know more about the person behind the blog as they will tell you things that you wouldn’t necessarily blog about.  The lovely Laura from  Laura Whispering tagged me along with a few other to do this 11 Things Tag.

How it works is: I’m to answer the 11 questions that Laura has tagged me in and I then tag more bloggers to answer the 11 questions that I have set for them, I can keep or change the questions as I choose.

1.  How did you get into blogging?

It started off by watching people’s YouTube channels and then clicking on their blog link, I was then sucked into a vortex where hours had passed and I had learned how to organise your kitchen, curl medium length hair, how to make chocolate chip cookies, apply winged eyeliner perfectly and saw how people decorated their house for Christmas/Halloween.  I thought it sounded like fun and decided to give it a try.

2.  What TV Shows are you enjoying at the moment?

I watch very little “normal” TV now and watch a lot of shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc.  I am really into Chicago PD just now, as the name would suggest it’s a Chicago based Police Department and there is humour in it too as well as some violent crime and shooting.  After watching the first 3 seasons of American Horror Story I am now on episode 2 of season 4 called Freak Show, there is a killer clown in it that is creeping me out so I’m hoping that he doesn’t stay in it for very long :)!

Pic courtesy of Google

3.  Do you have any intolerances, dietary requirements or unusual food preferences?

The Doctors thought that I had coeliac disease when I was younger as I stopped growing when I was put onto solids and was put on a gluten free diet but after various tests they said that wasn’t the case and was put back on to normal foods.  I cut out gluten and as much dairy as I could a year ago and definitely felt much better as I was less bloated and I lost half a stone in 2 weeks too.  Although I’ve not been told I’ve got an intolerance I do feel better without gluten.

4.  What clubs or activities were you involved in as a child?

I was in the Girls’ Brigade  from the age of 5 or 6 until I was 13/14, there wasn’t any Brownie groups beside us as I think I would have preferred to have joined there instead. I went to dance classes on a Friday after school when I was about 6/7 until I was 14 where I learned to do ballet, tap and jazz.  I loved dancing and have certificates somewhere for my ballet exams.  I went on a few ski-ing trips when I was at school and loved that too, I was quite active as a child looking back and the thought of doing any form of sports now brings me out in a rash :). The photo below is me ski-ing in Austria in 1990.

5.  What was the last book you read?

Couldn’t tell you as I’ve not read a book in years!  I used to read every night when I was at home or when I lived on my own but now I unwind by listening to music and watching tv in bed.

6.  Where is your location of choice when writing blog posts?

At home usually on my sofa, I don’t have a specific area for writing up posts and just type one up wherever I plonk my bum down on.

7.  Do you believe in a Higher Power?

Hmmmm not sure to be honest! Part of me thinks that yes there is life after death and that when we die we will meet up with our loved ones in the afterlife. The other part of me thinks no, that when you die your dead and cease to exist. I don’t suppose we will really know ourselves until it happens (hopefully not for a long time yet!) but when you hear of people saying that they see their loved ones who have already passed just before they die then that does sway me more into the yes category.

8. Which country would you like to visit and why?

America! I’d love to go to Disneyworld as I love Disney, Las Vegas as it seems an exciting place to be, New York for the sights and of course the shopping and finally New Orleans for the nightlife and music.

9. When you left school, what were your plans and aspirations? (Did you end up doing those things?)

While I was still at school I wanted to be a hairdresser, fashion designer or an air hostess! Then I decided that I would quite like to be a vet until I discovered the qualifications needed to become one (it’s far worse now!) so office work it was after I left school. After a couple of years of photocopying and other mundane office tasks I decided to go to college to do a science course so I would have enough qualifications to enrol as a student veterinary nurse. After being employed in a veterinary practice and passing my exams I finally became a qualified veterinary nurse. I decided on a career change after 14 years and ended up in the oil and gas industry as a receptionist, after being made redundant in March I have come full circle again and I’m now working in the veterinary profession again in a more specialised practice as a receptionist. So although my plans to become a vet was a tad unrealistic I did still manage to work within the industry I wanted to work in.

My Veterinary Nurse badge that you get when you qualify.

10. What is your favourite restaurant, cafe, coffee shop?

My favourite restaurant is probably TGI’s as when I meet up with my friends we tend to go to one of the big shopping centres in Aberdeen and we tend to head there even though there are an abundance of other restaurants there! If my friend comes out to visit me we go to the restaurant at one of the local hotels as we both really like it there as the food there is amazing and you get loads! I don’t really go to cafés or coffee shops as we tend to meet up for lunch/dinner and never in between those times.

11. Belly Button, innie or outie?

Mine is an innie :)!

Id like to tag Danielle from Underland to Wonderland, Pilar from Beauty and More by Pilar, Louisa at Duck in a Dress, Melissa from Fruity Flamingo and anyone else who would love to give it a try 🙂

Here are your questions:

1. What is your earliest childhood memory?

2. If you could change one aspect of your life ie hairstyle, career what would it be?

3. What is your favourite decade, (can be before your time)?

4. How would you spend your ideal day?

5. Who was your teenage crush?

6. Do you call your evening meal; dinner, tea or supper?

7. What was your first ever blog post? (link it too)

8. You are stuck on a desert island, which 3 things would you have with you?

9. Show us the last photo on your phone (no cheating!)

10. What is your favourite perfume?

11. Can you speak another language?

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