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I thought that I would blog about my furry monsters (or pets to normal people). Most people I’ve met over the years are animal lovers.  Some love dogs but hate cats.  Others don’t like ‘things with tails’ (gerbils, rats, etc) but are into horses.  So with this in mind I thought you might like to be introduced to my animals. Over the next couple of weeks I will write a piece about each of them.   This week I will be starting with Ben.

Ben is a Domestic Short Haired Ginger Tabby.  He is 18 years old and that makes him very old in human years, 89 years old in fact! If you want to find out how old your cat is in human years use the cat calculator to find out.  For his age he is still quite agile and will jump onto the windowsill no problem but he does tend to snooze a lot more now his years are advancing.

Ben was actually Mr M’s cat before I came along but he has allowed me to share a house with him and Mr M without any problems.  He has realised that if he wants something during the night that I am the person whose face he has to meow into to wake up as Mr M has the ability to sleep through it!  Here is Ben’s Q & A:

Name: Ben

Nicknames:  Ben-Ben, Benny, Benjamin (when bad) Ginge

Age:  18 years old

Eats: Hills’ Feline K/D (special diet for cats with chronic renal disease)

Loves: Tuna (every weekend, has to be tinned with spring water not sunflower oil as I won’t eat it!).  Cuddles.  My Mummy’s fleecy onesie (I like to pad her tummy when she wears this). Summer, as I like to lie out in the garden and sunbathe.

Hates:  Rain. Wind. Cold. Winter weather in general. Getting my nails clipped.  Going in the car as that means a trip to the vet or once we even moved house!!  The black cat that lives down the road that beats me up.

Favourite toy: Difficult decision as I love my toy mouse but I also love it when my owners use the laser pen. I can never catch that red dot!!



What pets do you have? Do they do crazy things? I’d love to hear about them 🙂


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6 responses to “My Furry Monsters Part One – Ben”

  1. Laura Amy says:

    What an absolute cutie! I'm so impressed that's still on the go at 18 – that's amazing! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank you :)! Although when he wakes me up early (6am this morning, on a Saturday as well!!) the cuteness factor kind of goes! Thanks for dropping in by 🙂

  2. Awwww! How sweet is he? I'm impressed by his age as the cat my in law has is 15 and is so lazy and pretty much a fussy old woman. And she gets treated better than me! Tut lol. I have never been a cat person until we got Loki who will live with us when we've moved but he's currently still at my friends, he's a little bit dumb but just so cuddly but only him I like. It's weird. Plus laser pens are awesome! x

    • admin says:

      I think as they get older the become more fussy in their likes/dislikes :)! 15 is a good age, I think the oldest one that I ever saw was around 22/23. It did look a bit moth eaten though, bless. My parents weren't cat people either until I took a kitten home and he now lives with them. I think they have a way of making you love them. Loki, what a cute name. Look forward to seeing photos when he is settled in after his move xx

  3. Rachael says:

    Awww what an adorable Mr Kitty, it's amazing how old he is too. I have a total soft spot for finger and white kitties – my first cat, Bertie was ginger and white and he melted a very big hole in my heart. We currently have two cats – Eddy and Smokey – total opposites in size and personality.

    • admin says:

      Thank you :)! I remember you telling me about Bertie before, wasn't he named after a book? I love ginger and white kitties too, my other one has less white on him and mainly ginger tabby & will be making an appearance on here in a couple of weeks. They are cute names too, were they from the same litter or are they unrelated? It's funny how their personalities are all different, they are just like people :)!

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