Vintage Afternoon Tea Party


Since I got my vintage tea set for my Christmas I have been looking for a opportunity to use them.  Now that my friend has come back from travelling and since I hadn’t seen my cousin and Auntie for a while I decided to have a vintage Afternoon Tea party.  We settled on last Saturday as a day that we could all manage to meet up.  So I invited one of my other friends and also my Mum to come along too.

I had been looking for other vintage items that I could use for my tea party which you can see here.  I was also given things of my Gran’s that my Mum had.  For the menu I decided to go with sandwiches: Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Ham and Red Onion Chutney as well as Egg and Cress.  Some cakes: Mini Cupcakes, Mini Cream Cakes, Shortbread, Marshmallow Top Hats and Mini Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam.

I bought my groceries from Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer the day before and then got up at 6.45am (yawn) to start my baking and sandwich making.  Some pics of my grocery haul:

Some pics of my table set up:


Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon Tea Party

Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

Everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon and it was good to catch up with everyone. although it was hard work I will definitely do it again. One of the things that I will do is not to buy so much as typically there was too much food and I will now be eating cake for the rest of the month.

Have you ever hosted an Afternoon Tea Party? Or have you been to a posh hotel for their Afternoon Tea?

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7 responses to “Vintage Afternoon Tea Party”

  1. Belle D says:

    This looks gorgeous, you sure know how to host a tea party 🙂 I would have had a huge smile on my face arriving to all that.
    I still haven't done Afternoon Tea even though i've been meaning to for years it's on my absolute must do this summer.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    • admin says:

      It was a lot of fun to do but hard work too! If you can get your guests to bring some cakes, sandwiches, etc or buy them in then it will be more stress free. I hope you post pics of your one 🙂 xx

  2. Rhiannon Fraser says:

    It's so pretty! I love the table set up and look at all the yummy food. I've never had one before but a friend did a tea party themed birthday party and it was beautiful x

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I was quite surprised how well everything went together as I used the pinks and purples in my tea set to co-ordinate with everything else and it seemed to have worked. You will have to do one, even if it's just for a couple of friends! 🙂 xx

  3. Pilar says:

    What a beautiful set up! This is a great way to have afternoon tea! I would like to host something like this one day!

  4. Wow! How amazing is your tablet display! I love your vintage tea set 🙂

    Fiona @

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