Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox Appeal


We all know that not everyone has someone to celebrate Christmas with nor have presents to open on Christmas Day as we see adverts and appeals asking for donations for various charities over the Festive period. I wanted to do something for a charity and had heard of Shoebox appeals for people abroad as well as for children.  While googling Shoebox appeals I came across one for the Aberdeen Cyrenians.  Aberdeen Cyrenians is a charity that helps meet the needs of people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or affected by homelessness in any way. Their appeal, Christmas and Beyond  is asking for people to donate shoeboxes filled with warm clothing, chocolate, treats, toiletries, etc and as this is a local charity I felt that this was one to go for.


Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox Appeal


I decided to donate two shoeboxes for females and everything that I bought cost £1 or less. Each one was filled with the following:

Earrings – Asda £1
2 Pairs of Socks – Asda £1 each
Opi Nail Varnish – Poundland £1
Deodorant – Home Bargains £1
Lip Balm – Poundland £1
Shampoo – Home Bargains – £1
Jelly Beans – Home Bargains 59p
Rimmel Eyeshadow – Poundland £1
Hair Turban – Poundworld £1
Fake Eyelashes – Free from a magazine
Gingerbread House – Home Bargains 69p
Polka Dot Wash Bags – Sainsburys 25p
Shower Gel – Asda – £1
Fluffy Gloves – Poundland £1
Shower Gel – Asda – £1
Chocolate – Sainsburys – £1
Smarties Penguin – Sainsburys – 65p


Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox Appeal
Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox Appeal

If you would like to donate to the Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox appeal, their closing date for donations is 17th December.

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4 responses to “Aberdeen Cyrenian’s Shoebox Appeal”

  1. Stacy G says:

    What a nice idea, love it!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Stacy! 🙂 I think when it comes to giving to charity at Christmas that the focus tends to be on children and other charities get forgotten about, that's why I chose this one. Thanks for dropping in by 🙂

  2. Claire Smith says:

    Aww this is the chest box I've seen- I would love these things and I hope the ladies who gets this will love it too! 🙂 xx

    • admin says:

      Awwww thanks Claire :)! I hope they love them too, hopefully there is a present for everyone this year! Thanks for dropping in by xx

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