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Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there I hope that you have an amazing day and are spoiled, thoughts are with those whose mum’s are sadly no longer with them and virtual hugs to those women who no matter how much they want to be a mother but can’t on one of the hardest days of the year. Also I hope that you aren’t too tired after having an hour less in your bed this morning now that we are officially into British Summer Time, losing one hour totally messes with my body clock for about a week afterwards so the next five days will mean my snooze button will get a hammering every time it screams at me to get up!

I probably haven’t been sticking to plan as well as I could be as I have eaten a couple of packets of crisps and it put me just over my syns on both of those days but Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps are just sooooooo worth it! I did still manage to lose 1.5lb bringing my total weight loss to 10.5lb since joining Slimming World. I never took my measurements when I very first started Slimming World and now wish that I had so I knew what they were in the beginning but I took my first measurements two weeks ago and have lost two inches off my hips since then and lost 2.5lb in weight so I definitely think that exercise is playing a big part in toning me up. If you haven’t started taking your measurements then you really should as although I’m not noticing a huge difference when I’m stepping on the scales the measuring tape is telling me something different. I even ordered some new clothes *whispers* a size smaller which should arrive tomorrow so will see how well they fit, even if they are a wee bit on the tight side I will still keep a hold of them as I’m sure it won’t be too long before I can fit in to them.

Since I bought myself a new camera last Summer I have been updating some of my older posts with new photos instead of the grainy iPad camera photos that I took when I first started blogging, with recipe posts I’ve obviously had to make them again so the old photos can be replaced with the new updated ones. I have also made a few tweaks to the recipes to make them Slimming World friendly so that they are either syn free or just a few syns. This week the gluten free meatloaf was on my update list and I made extra so I could make these meatloaf muffins which are syn free (without the sauce) and are perfect for lunch boxes or snacks. If you do decide to make them with the sauce which is a total of 3 syns you will need to divide 3 by however many muffins you made so they will be really low in syns. This meatloaf is packed with beef mince, onion, mushrooms, peppers, herbs and an egg to bind them together, the sauce is a tomato and honey mixture that is poured over the meatloaf during cooking so it goes all sticky and tasty once ready. You can get 4-5 portions out of the meatloaf depending on how hungry you are so with the sauce it makes it less than 1 syn per serving.

There aren’t many Slimming World friendly recipes on my blog at the moment (3 at the last count) but I will be updating them and introducing new ones over the next few weeks but if you put Slimming World into the search bar of my blog these recipes should show up 🙂

If you are doing Slimming World how well is it going for you? Also let me know of any tasty Slimming World friendly recipes that you have tried.

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