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Afternoon all! Hope you had a good weekend and some of you aren’t too badly affected by any storms in your area. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have come up this far. Anyway, I have been so busy with my Halloween posts and my next blog post, that Monday has somehow managed to sneak up on me and I have realised at 16.15 that I have not done a meal plan for this week and so now I am hurriedly typing up this post at my work……hopefully I don’t get caught!

As it is Halloween on Thursday I will be having something quick as we get loads of Trick or Treaters round, so I will have my meal finished before they come to the door (6pm seems to be when they start). Friday is when my Brother in Law and his Partner will be coming round for Halloween snacks so will be putting on some party food for that. Normally I go to my Mum’s on a Wednesday but someone in my work is leaving and mving down to Peterborough, so we are going out for a meal instead. That only leaves tonight, tomorrow and the weekend to sort out So my meal plan for this week is:

Meatballs & Pasta with Bruschetta

Sausages and Mash


Undecided as yet

Pumpkin shaped pizzas, Hot Dog Mummies, BBQ Ribs and other Halloween party food that I will make


Chicken, roast potatoes & veg.

Sorry for the hasty post,looking forward to seeing what everyone else is having this week.

I’ve linked up to Mrs M’s blog for meal planning Monday, why not link up too and see what other people are eating this week?


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