Halloween House Tour


As you know from my previous posts I love Halloween.  I also love decorating the house for it. I wish we celebrated Halloween over here like they do in America.   Over there they go all out for it with their front gardens all decorated with displays, as well as the inside of their homes. I normally just decorate the interior of our house but one of the things I want to do is decorate outside for a Holiday or an occasion so if I have enough time I will do that also.

Halloween House Tour


Halloween Door Stop


In our hall, I gave the cat door stop a fancy dress outfit for Halloween.  She is wearing a Witches’ hat with orange and black glitter tulle and a small broomstick.


Witch Decoration

On top of the cupboard in our hall, there is a Witch with a candy corn Welcome sign, a Gisela Graham Ghoulish Greetings sign and a Pumpkin Happy Halloween pick in with a plant.

In our Living room, I have quite a few Yankee Candle Halloween candle Holders and Halloween Cherished Teddies ornaments. Also there is my Halloween Lantern that I made.

I have a candy dish filled with sweets with a silver glittered spider trying to get into it on our coffee table. This has had to be refilled a number of times due to Mr M’s sweet tooth!!

On our media cabinet, I have my Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Old Lady tealight holder, Yankee Candle Monster tealight holder and a Cherished Teddy called Rex.

At either side of my television, I have two Yankee Candle Monster tealight holders (Frankenstein pulling a Pumpkin and a Witch).

I have my Yankee Candle Jack O’Lantern Tree, Yankee Candle Ghost Hurricane and Cherished Teddies; Icabod, Sullivan, Honey and Cassandra on my sideboard. The mirror above it has a Gisela Graham bat and spider webs.

In my Kitchen, I have an orange glittered Trick or Treat sign and a Yankee Candle Jack O’Lantern tealight holder on the windowsill. On my dining table I have an Autumnal floral display that I made.  It’s a clear vase stuffed with black glittery tulle, with faux pheasant feathers, Autumn leaves picks and a Ghost coming out of a pumpkin pick. I also have a Halloween table runner.

My oven has two Halloween dish towels that I bought online from America and also a Haunted house oven glove.

Upstairs in my bathroom I have got three tealight holders.  These were bought from Poundland in the Summer.  They had loads of different colours but I thought the Orange ones looked like pumpkins so would come in handy for Halloween.  Also my Halloween soap dispenser is by the sink.

On the windowsill at the top of the stairs, I have a glittered Boo sign, a gold glittered spider and a Jack O’Lantern tealight holder.

I have a Happy Halloween sign on one of the bedroom doors.

So that is the end of my Halloween House Tour.  If you have decorated your home I’d love to see some pics.

Happy Halloween!

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7 responses to “Halloween House Tour”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh wow! It looks great! So many lovely things x

  2. What great pics Denise!! I love all the decorations 🙂 great post, and thanks for sharing! I look foward to your other upcoming holiday themed crafts!

  3. You're welcome! and same to you! I don't have that much planned for tomorrow. I'll probably just watch a few scary movies and eat some candy! What about you?

  4. lemonadebudget.com says:

    This looks so beautiful. I wish we made more effort with the house at halloween, I'm so disorganised, we manage to carve a pumpkin and put it in the kitchen at best! x

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