Ten Things I Love About Autumn

Ten Things I Love About Autumn

We are finally into the ‘Ber’ months of the year.  This is my favourite time of the year, starting with September when Autumn begins, October with Halloween, November for Bonfire Night then ending with December and Christmas.  With the nights now getting longer and the weather is starting to get a bit chillier I am getting ready to wave goodbye to Summer (which to be honest never really arrived here for very long this year!) and welcome Autumn in with wide open arms. This is definitely my most favourite season of them all and here are my ten things I love about Autumn.

Ten Things I Love About Autumn


The Changing Leaves

Before the trees lose all their leaves and look bare they give us one last hurrah when they turn into a medley of beautiful colours.  Seeing the pretty colours of the leaves both on the trees and underfoot in their shades of yellow, orange, gold, red and brown is probably one of my favourite things.  Also remember and take the obligatory Instagram shot of your feet and the leaves!

Ten Things I Love About Autumn | Changing Leaves

Comfort Food

Bring on the warming stodgy food such as sausages and mash, beef stew and dumplings and apple pie and custard instead of salads, fruit and ice cream.  Your chunky knit jumper will hide any effects of the stodge.
Ten Things I Love About Autumn | Comfort Food


Christmas will always be my favourite time of the year but it is closely followed by Halloween.  Decorating your house with Halloween tat then watching scary films and eating lots of crap sweets are the best way to spend your October evenings.


Autumn is boot wearing season and I have a pair for every occasion!  You can never have too many boots! Ankle boots. Knee high boots. Wedge heels. High heels. Boots go with everything whether you are wearing jeans, leggings or a dress with thick tights so go get yourself a couple of pairs to see you through this season.

Ten Things I Love About Autumn | Things I love most about the Autumn Season


New TV Shows

There are always new shows coming out on tv during the Autumn months as we are more likely to hibernate in front of the box than go outside.  When X Factor (which tbh I’ve found to be rubbish the last few years) and Strictly make their appearance I find myself on the countdown to Christmas.


Although I occasionally burn candles during the Summer months whenever it turns to Autumn then it’s full on candle burning time! My favourite used to be Yankee Candle’s Cider Web but they sadly discontinued that scent.  I do have an unused jar and tea lights packed away with my Halloween things in the garage that I will take the lid off and sniff when I’m decorating for Halloween.  Apple, Cinnamon or Salted Caramel scents are what you should be burning in Autumn.

Hot Drinks

Coming in from the cold there is nothing like a hot drink to get you warmed up once you are inside; whether you decide to go for a plain cup of tea in a vintage cup and saucer, a hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream or a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte remember and take a pic for Instagram with the appropriate hashtags.

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows


Jumpers, Scarves and Jackets.

I love Autumn fashion.  Chunky jumpers, pretty scarves and cosy jackets and don’t forget the boots; the shops are full of new clothes in Autumnal colours waiting to be bought.  As I am pregnant I have the perfect excuse to go shopping for some new clothes this season!

Buying a New Wardrobe


Cosy Nights In

While Summer is about making the most of the lovely (when it happens) weather and spending as much time outside as you can, Autumn is a definite time of staying in.  When it is dark and gloomy outside who can really be bothered going out when you can stay in and be warm and cosy.

My Birthday

Ok this might not be something that you will love about this time of year but as September is my birthday month I do get a teeny bit excited about that! What is there not to love about birthdays (well apart from getting another year older) but you get cake!!


Is Autumn your favourite season?  What things do you love about Autumn?


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7 responses to “Ten Things I Love About Autumn”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I love this time of year too….Everything about it is so cosy and warming.
    My birthday is in November….Just as all the Christmas stuff comes into the shops. hehehe x

  2. Kylie says:

    These are all the reasons why I love Autumn too :). This time of year is my absolute favorite between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my marriage anniversary 🙂

    Kylie <3 | https://livingwhimsicaldreams.blogspot.kr/2017/09/my-favorite-bullet-journal-supplies.html

  3. Hannah says:

    The colour of autumn is unbeatable! But it’s getting a little too cold for my liking in London!


  4. Jasmin N says:

    YES, for all of these! We think alike haha 😀 I love it when leaves change their colours, how you can stuff yourself with warm food and then curl up inside a blanket with some candles <3

  5. Lisa says:

    I read this because I always find it very difficult to say goodbye to “summer”- I’m glad I did as you’ve assured me that there are things to look forward to!
    Lisa x

  6. Helene says:

    So many things to love every Autumn! Candles, falling leaves, hot chocolate and tea, new wardrobe and the list goes on! And new beauty/makeup products also.

    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  7. Those are all great things about Autumn. But it’s the one unfortunate thing about living in Southern California. You don’t get the changing leaves. And you don’t need to drink the hot cocoa almost til Christmas. It’s kind of sad really.

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