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Fragrant Prawn and Courgette Curry

Are you one of these people who seem to spend half their life in the supermarket after a busy day picking up ready meals for that night’s dinner because you can’t be bothered cooking even though your fridge/freezer is already full? Or are you so busy thinking about what you have to do once you get home that you forget to buy milk?  Me too, glad I’m not the only one!  Wouldn’t it be good if you could have someone meal plan for you, order your shopping online while you were at work and all you had to do was pay for it and be in when it is delivered?  Yes? Well you may be surprised to know that such a service exists, I know I was!


Tinkerdash is a new online grocery shopping service that is launching this Summer and I was one of the few that has got to trial this fab new concept.   All you need is a Facebook account (they communicate with you through Messenger) and an online supermarket account (Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, etc) and you are ready to go.  They can plan your meals, order your full weekly shop (even non-food items) and have it delivered to you when you will be at home.  Sadly they won’t be there to cook the meals for you but hey we can’t have everything!  After I signed up I was told that I would have a Tinkerdash assistant get in touch with me to ask some questions about my shopping habits, meals that I liked, etc.


Tinkerdash Online Grocery Shoppng


My lovely assistant was called Graeme who found me some tasty recipes online and sent them along with the shopping list so I could check to see if I had any ingredients already at home as well as happy with the order.  He then ordered it on Tesco’s website for me and all I had to do was log in and enter my 3 digit credit card code (don’t worry they won’t have access to that).  Shopping day arrived and I had everything I needed for the week ahead for my meals as well as cat food, toothpaste, kitchen roll, etc.  Nothing was missed off which is something I do a lot.  I quite often end up having to drive to my local Tesco and pick up whatever it is I missed off.  Another thing I used to be bad for was ordering in my weekly shopping and then order a takeaway as I couldn’t be bothered cooking. As some of these recipes only take 15-30 minutes to make, it is less than the time it would take to drive to a takeaway, wait for my order and drive back to eat it.  Plus much healthier.


First thing I made was the Fragrant Prawn and Courgette Curry which was really easy to make as well really tasty. Another dish on my meal plan was the Chunky Chilli, this had a longer cooking time of just over 2hrs and as I don’t get home until after 8pm most nights I wasn’t going to eat it at 10pm.  Instead I threw the ingredients into my slow cooker before I left for work and cooked it on low for 8hrs.  This made the meat really, really tender, I topped it with coconut yoghurt as it was a tad on the spicy side but still really good nonetheless.


Fragrant Prawn and Courgette Curry

Chunky Beef Chilli


I trialled this service for a few weeks, it is quite flexible too as you can miss a week or two if you are away on holiday and arrange to have your shopping delivered for when you get back.  With the meal plans I tried dishes that I would never have thought of eating; I have eaten curries, Moroccan dishes, stews, etc instead of the usual things I would eat.  The only downside that I came across was the fresh herbs ordered for the dishes were only needed for one or two meals and I had 5 different bags of herbs.  It would be better to try and minimise food waste by planning the meals so they could include the same ingredients rather than buy different herbs for each meal.  Other than that everything else was used up during the week and I never even had to go to the supermarket to pick up something that was forgotten.

Fancy trying out this service yourself?  Then sign up at Tinkerdash and be the first to find out when they are taking on new customers and get your first shopping task for free.

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14 responses to “Tinkerdash Online Grocery Shopping Assistant”

  1. Andra says:

    That sounds great ! But I prefer to pick food products by myself 🙂

    • Liam (Tinkerdash) says:

      That’s fair enough Andra, thanks for the feedback. Have you ever tried online shopping out of interest? If yes, how did you find it?

  2. This sounds like a great service for busy people so that they are still eating home cooked food. With regard to the herbs if you chop them up and put them into ice cube trays with a dash of oilive oil they freeze well and you can just pop an icecube into your recipe when you need it for a recipe. So no wastage.

  3. Beth Davidson says:

    Wow, so this service will actually plan your meals for you? That’s pretty awesome. I’ve been really bad at planning anything since I got the second half of my pregnancy, and now I just have a ton of meat sitting in my freezer waiting for me to think of what to do with it. I might have to try this. Thanks!

    • Liam (Tinkerdash) says:

      That’s correct Beth. If you’re based in the UK, you can sign-up at our website (https://www.tinkerdash.com) to be the first to know when we’re taking on new customers. There’s also a short video helping to explain the concept.

  4. Kintan says:

    That’s look great and fantastic idea with shopping online. Specially for busy people, who really not enough time to go shopping at Supermarket. The foods looks super and yummy too. Thank you for sharing this info.

    Kintan XO/http://kintanfashion.blogspot.com

  5. Jasmin N says:

    Oh that sounds so cool! Online grocery shopping is still kind of new thing here, so it’s wonderful to read posts amd opinions about it 🙂 I’m still old fashioned & will be going to store for groceries haha 😀

  6. This is nice and fast becoming a thing. Especially when one is really busy…never tried shopping for grocery online though

  7. Helene says:

    Such a great service! I enjoy shopping in market but sometimes would be great to use this service.

    • Liam (Tinkerdash) says:

      Hi Helene, if you’re interested and UK based then you can sign-up at our website (https://www.tinkerdash.com) to be the first to know when we’re taking on new customers. There’s also a short video helping to explain more.

  8. I wonder if they could design it so you could select the meals you wanted to have and then they would bring the products for those meals. Just curious.

    • Liam (Tinkerdash) says:

      Thanks for the idea David. We’re always trying to tailor our service to meet the needs of our users so will bear this in mind. Keep the ideas coming 🙂

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