Summer Homeware Haul

If you have followed me for a while then you know that I like to change my decor every season, I don’t buy new things every season (sadly I am not rich) but I may come across something that catches my eye either while out shopping or in a charity shop that makes me think that will look good for Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter (delete as necessary).Plum has been the colour of Summer and having had a few of the accessories for over 5 years I was getting a bit fed up of them, also I got a few things at Christmas that I hadn’t yet used so thought that now would be the ideal time to use them and so my plum accessories have been packed up into a storage box in the garage until further notice.

To go with the glass vase, matching flower tealight holder and dish I got at Christmas (these are still in stock) I bought a fake orchid in a lovely mirrored cube vase (£16) from Next.  I really like orchids, I find them very pretty but unfortunately for some reason or another their survival rates with me are very poor as they all seem to die off.  Now I shall finally have an orchid that even I can’t kill off!  I still have the plum cushions that I normally use in the Summer but I may replace these next year to a lighter colour such as cream or grey as I find it quite a dark colour.

Summer Homeware Haul
Now that the weather is supposed to be getting nicer I am hoping that we can eat outdoors more, I bought some new nautical themed melamine dinner and side plates, bowls and platters from Marks and Spencer which I bought when they had a 20% off day and I found some cute fish and crab napkin rings on eBay to match.  In Sainsburys I came across a set of 12 nautical striped cutlery for only £8, when I got home I discovered it was not the bargain I thought it was as the 12 pieces were for 3 settings.  Why only 3?! I could understand having 2 settings or 4 settings but not 3, I then had to buy another set so I now have enough for 6 people  (but only have 4 place settings with my plates and bowls, see my dilemma here?!).  Along with my blue wine glasses I bought in the Next sale last year I am all ready for some nautical themed Al Fresco dining, just need the weather to be nice now.
Summer Homeware Haul
Summer Homeware Haul
Summer Homeware Haul
Sticking with the outdoor theme I bought new solar lights as on a particularly windy day a few months ago, a gust of wind blew the outside table into the shrubs and broke the solar panel of the last set so they no longer worked.  I bought a set of 100 lights from Very for £24.99, I only buy things from there when they have a £30 off a £60 spend offer so technically they were free ;). The solar lights don’t come on until 11pm as it doesn’t start to get dark until then so this is how light it still is at 11.30pm up here.
Do you change your decor depending on the season?

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