Blogging Equipment I Use

Blogging Equipment I Use, Blogging Equipment you need, what things do you need to blog


When I first started blogging in 2013 the only bit of tech I had was my iPad and iPhone which also doubled as my camera for taking the pics for my posts and that was it.  No fancy laptop or camera for me back then as it was something I had never really considered.  However 5 years later I have added a bit more to my blogging equipment collection and couldn’t be without it now.

With the equipment we all use there is no set thing that you must buy, some people prefer using a certain camera or someone else might prefer using a PC to a laptop.  There are a whole load of bloggers out there in the blogosphere with different niches, different followers and different opportunities so it stands to reason that their blogging equipment will also be different.

If you are new to blogging, thinking about starting a blog or like me just want to be nosy and see what other people have then here is the blogging equipment I use.


Blogging Equipment I Use, Blogging Equipment you need, what things do you need to blog

Blogging Equipment I Use



Nearly all of my blogging is done on my iPad Air 2 as I very rarely use the PC.  I’ve had this one a couple of years now and maybe one day I will get a MacBook but for now the iPad is good enough for me.  You can do most things on the iPad that you can do on a laptop, it’s much easier to carry around with you plus it takes up less room when you are trying to write up posts, etc.

When I very started blogging the iPad I had then (it was an iPad 2) was also my camera but it did make the photos grainy, although the cameras on the newer models have improved I don’t really use them.  I much prefer using my camera as the images are a lot sharper and clearer.



I have an iPhone 6 which I very rarely use for actual blog work but I do use it for Twitter, taking an occasional photo for IG (again I prefer to use my camera), Facebook and answering emails.


As we no longer have a spare room (it is now Noah’s bedroom) our PC is linked up to our tv screen so when I need to do stuff on there I have to view it on a large tv screen instead of a monitor sized one.  I find this is a bit off putting but it’s handy to do things like coding etc that you can’t do so well on the iPad.



Blogging Equipment I Use, Photography Equipment Bloggers Need, What things do you need to blog,


The camera that I currently use is an Olympus Pen e-pl7 (there are now newer versions available) which I love.  Although you can take photos for your blog on your phone I do think that using a camera produces better quality pictures.  The Olympus Pen has built in Wi-fi and I upload the images direct to my iPad/iPhone using the Olympus Image Share app. You can even use your phone as a remote control using the app if you are on your own and taking outfit shots or trying to take a photo of a few of you and don’t want to leave anyone out.  It is also handy if you are filming so you can start/stop whenever you want.  There is also the option to edit your pics on the app but it is something i have never used.


I have a few Olympus lenses:

The Pancake 14-42mm EZ which came with the camera.  This has a wide angle which is useful for taking pictures of landscapes, flatlays or the view in a room.  You can also zoom in to take a picture of the subject.  This is also an ideal lens to use for vlogging if that’s your thing.

Newborn Baby


My 17mm lens is a new addition and I have only used it a couple of times.  It is a fixed lens so you obviously can’t zoom in but with its wide angle it is also perfect for landscapes, flatlays and outfit shots.


Blogging Equipment I Use, Olympus 17mm Lens, Olympus Pen Photography


My favourite lens is the 45mm, again a fixed lens but is zoomed in and  is perfect for close up shots of beauty products, food, basically anything detailed.  It also gives a gorgeous blurry background as it focuses on the subject.


Blogging Equipment I Use, Olympus 45mm Lens, Olympus Pen Photography



I have a tripod that I very rarely use but it’s good if you are taking pics of food, outfits or even filming a video so that there are no shaky shots.  I bought it a couple of years ago on eBay, I can’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t much.  It is worth buying one if you plan on doing your own outfit shots.


The images are uploaded to my iPad using the Olympus app and from there I edit them in Camera+.  I usually sharpen the image, play about with the brightness and contrast, increase the saturation and exposure.




I have got three vinyl backdrops from Capture by Lucy; white floorboards, white smoke and night sky.  They are excellent quality and come rolled up in a tube for easy storage.  I sometimes use a fluffy rug in my photos too.


I have an ever increasing collection of props.  Things like stationery, postcards, confetti as well as different dishes, etc for food pics.  If you are looking for what props to use, I have a post on blog prop ideas.

Blog Planner

I bought The Ultimate Blog Planner from Dot Creates over a year ago and never used it but since having a baby my brain has turned to mush so it comes in very handy for planning my posts.  As it’s not already dated you can just start writing in it whenever you want.


Blogging Equipment I Use, Things you need to blog, blog Photography Equipment

One thing that is on my wish list and will be buying next are reflectors so I can reduce the shadows on my photos.  Any recommendations?

What blogging equipment do you use?  What can you never be without and what’s on your blogging equipment wish list?


Blog Equipment I Use, Blog Photography Equipment, Gone are the days when the only blogging equipment you needed was a phone & Wi-fi. Although every blogger is different, heres the blogging equipment I use.


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5 responses to “Blogging Equipment I Use”

  1. hal says:

    Great info! I really need to get up to date on the camera situation – I pretty much just use my iPhone & a ring light when I take hair pictures at work but I can probably be doing so much more!

  2. Talha says:

    Loved the recommended products. And agree that iPAD is quite handy.

  3. Zoë says:

    I think this article has come at exactly the right time for me. I’ve had my blog for two years and I have only ever used my camera phone for photos (and they are really in decline!). I do need to up my game and buy a camera. I’ll definitely take a look into the one you use 🙂

  4. What a great and easy to follow breakdown of blogging tools! Alot of people don’t realize all that goes into it!

  5. I love photography. I have so much passion for it, especially playing around with lenses. On my wish list though is a flash light. My night photos are horrible. Natural light does wonders.

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