100 Blogmas Post Ideas

100 Blogmas Ideas | Are you doing #Blogmas this year? Here are 100 #blog #post #ideas to get you through the #festive season

Many bloggers take part in Blogmas where you post everyday in December.  I have attempted to do Blogmas in the past but something always crops up.  There was one year I got ill and another that I ended up working a lot of overtime, so I’ve never managed to complete it.  So this year rather than put myself under pressure I’m not going to do Blogmas but I will have some Christmassy posts to share instead.  I have done blog post ideas before for Spring, Summer and Autumn but hadn’t done any for Christmas.  So I decided to write one up.  I did get a bit carried away and ended up with quite a lot!  It’s a loooooooooong one so grab yourself a hot drink or wine and read on.  Here are 100 Blogmas Post Ideas.  

100 Blogmas Ideas | Are you doing #blogmas this year? Here are 100 #christmas and #winter #themed #blog #post #ideas

100 Blogmas Post Ideas


  1. Advent Calendar Activity Ideas (50+ Advent Activities)
  2. Best Advent Calendars (Beauty, Gin, Cheese, etc)
  3. Gift Guides (For Her, For Him, Secret Santa, Kids)
  4. Favourite Christmas Films (Here’s my Top Ten Christmas Films)
  5. DIY Christmas Decorations (Christmas in a Jar/Spray Painted Pine Cones)
  6. Elf on the Shelf Ideas
  7. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  8. Stocking Filler Ideas
  9. How To Eat Healthily At Christmas
  10. Hot Chocolate Recipe
  11. Christmas Home Tour
  12. How To Host The Perfect Christmas Party
  13. What’s In Your Advent Calendar
  14. Ultimate Christmas Playlist
  15. A Christmas Tag (Here’s a Christmas Tag from a couple of years ago)
  16. Letter To Santa
  17. Christmas Baking Recipes
  18. Festive Themed Nail Art
  19. Host A Christmas Giveaway
  20. An A-Z Of Christmas
  21. Christmas Games For The Family
  22. What I Eat In A Day Festive Edition
  23. What’s Your Family’s Christmas Traditions
  24. How To Make Candy Cane Vodka
  25. Christmas Themed Packed Lunch Ideas
  26. Winter Skincare Routine
  27. A Festive Get Ready With Me
  28. Christmas Eve Box Ideas
  29. How To Feel Festive
  30. Top Tips On Having A Less Stressful Christmas
  31. Christmas Bucket List
  32. Christmas Party Make Up Looks
  33. A Free From Christmas Dinner (Vegan/Gluten Free/Nut Free/Etc)
  34. Christmas Budgeting Tips
  35. Outfit Ideas For New Year’s Eve
  36. Christmas Breakfast Ideas
  37. How To Beat The Winter Bugs
  38. A Guide To Christmas Events In Your City/Town
  39. Childhood Christmas Memories
  40. What To Make With Christmas Leftovers
  41. Winter Essentials
  42. Christmas Movie Night
  43. How To Survive The Boxing Day Sales
  44. Christmas Cocktail/Mocktail
  45. Favourite Festive Candles
  46. Christmas Party Food Taste Test
  47. Baby’s First Christmas Bucket List
  48. Your Christmas Wishlist
  49. Homemade Christmas Presents (Teacup Candles)
  50. Mince Pie Taste Test
  51. Christmas TV Picks
  52. Show Us Your Christmas Tree
  53. Things You Love About Christmas
  54. What’s On Your Christmas Menu
  55. Favourite Christmas Themed Books
  56. DIY Christmas Cards
  57. Christmas Look Book
  58. Favourite Winter Meals
  59. Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider Recipe (or a non alcoholic alternative Mulled Apple Juice)
  60. Winter Activities
  61. Christmas Party Essentials
  62. DIY Christmas Wreath
  63. How To Have A Festive Night In
  64. Gift Wrapping Ideas
  65. How To Get Your Home Ready for Christmas
  66. Festive Day Out
  67. Winter Pamper Routine
  68. Are You On The Naughty Or Nice List?
  69. Review A Restaurant’s Festive Menu
  70. Festive Sensory Play
  71. What Christmas Is Like In Your Household
  72. Have A Blogger Secret Santa
  73. Ways To Give Back At Christmas
  74. A Festive Day/Weekend In Your Life
  75. Christmas Photo Props & Backgrounds
  76. Things To Do On Boxing Day
  77. Winter Driving Checklist
  78. How To Entertain Your Children Over The Christmas Holidays
  79. Favourite Blogmas Posts/Vlogmas
  80. Alternatives To Turkey For Christmas Dinner
  81. Best & Worst Christmas Jumpers
  82. What’s In My Bag Festive Edition
  83. Festive Food Shopping Haul
  84. Christmas Day From Your Pet’s Point Of View
  85. Favourite Christmas Adverts
  86. Your Local Christmas Market
  87. Winter Wardrobe Essentials
  88. Edible Gifts To Make
  89. How To Host A New Year’s Eve Party
  90. Christmas Hacks To Make Life Easier
  91. Weaning Christmas Dinner Ideas
  92. Boxing Day Sales Tips
  93. Christmas Decoration Haul
  94. Winter Self Care Tips
  95. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  96. How To Avoid A New Year’s Day Hangover
  97. Favourite Photos Of This Year
  98. How You Organise/Plan For Christmas
  99. Looking Back On Your Year
  100. New Year Goals

Whether you are doing Blogmas, 12 Days of Christmas or just looking for some Festive post inspiration I hope that you find this list useful.


100 Blogmas Ideas | Are you doing #Blogmas this year? Here are 100 #blog #post #ideas to get you through the #festive season

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  1. Steff says:

    Lots of fab ideas Denise, great post! Hopefully I can try a couple at least, I am realistic about daily blog posts happening as I am always away the month before December so never get that pre-written mojo going! Hope all is well and you are enjoying the run up to the festive season! xx

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