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Vegan Baileys


I used to love Baileys with its creamy whisky flavour and was a regular fixture in our house over the festive period starting on Christmas tree decorating day as it was tradition to have a glass and listen to Christmas tunes while we put up the Christmas tree. Sadly as dairy doesn’t agree with me I have had to miss out on this tradition but I figured that it cant be that difficult to make as it is essentially cream, whisky, coffee and sugar. Apparently Bailey’s do have a dairy free version made with almond milk but I don’t think it is sold in the UK.
I did do a quick search on Google to see if whisky is gluten free since it is made with grains and some experts seem to think that the distillation process removes the gluten from the grain meaning it is free of gluten, there are others however that don’t agree with this way of thinking so I will leave it up to you whether you want to try this recipe or not. I was fine when I drank this but I suppose it depends on your levels of sensitivity, maybe start of with a glass and see how you are with it and then slowly increase the amount to see if you are suffering from any intolerance.


I’ve used almond milk for this recipe but you could use coconut milk instead if you prefer, there is enough for about 4 glasses but if you need to make a bigger batch then just multiply the quantities.


Whisky 50ml
Almond Milk 350ml
Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon
Agave Nectar 4 tablespoons
Coffee 1 teaspoon dissolved in 50mls water

Add all your ingredients together either into a jug and give it a good mix or use a blender and blitz it for about a minute.
Serve with ice.

A perfect after dinner drink (even better with some chocolate)


Let me know if you give this recipe a try 🙂


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