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Now that Christmas party season is in full swing you may find yourself invited to a soirée or two or maybe you are the one hosting a festive get together at your home, if you are the latter and thinking about buying in some party food from the supermarkets but unsure which ones to get then worry not as we have taste tested a selection for you. I have chosen a number of gluten free, dairy free as well as things that aren’t free from party foods from M&S, Tesco and Aldi’s and we have rated them for you.

Marks & Spencer
Marks and Spencer have a fantastic range of party food such as smoked salmon bagels, mini beef wellingtons and including free from ones too like pork belly and gluten free toad in the hole and mini chicken kievs.

Duck Spring Rolls
As these aren’t gluten free I never tried them but both Iga and Steff said that they didn’t like the taste of these, there didn’t seem to be a lot of duck inside the rolls and they both said that they wouldn’t have known what the filling was if I hadn’t told them. 1/5

Asian Chicken Lollipops
These are gluten/dairy free and are tasty bite sized pieces of chicken. There is a sauce to go with them but I never used it as forgot to take it out in time from the freezer. 4/5

Mini Cheeseburgers
As these obviously have gluten and dairy in them I never ate them but both Iga and Steff enjoyed these, they are perfect bite sized cheeseburgers and look so cute. The burgers weren’t dry but juicy gets a 4/5


M&S Duck Spring rolls; Asian chicken lollipops; mini cheeseburgerss

Tesco have upped their game this year on their free from ranges in all departments, I did find however that it was mostly gluten free rather than dairy free party food they catered for but since most people who have one intolerance also have the other then cheesey things aren’t something we can eat.

Finest Prawn & Crab Baskets
These aren’t marked as being gluten/dairy free but there is nothing in the ingredients that would make them not suitable for those who can’t eat it. These were fine size wise but the lemongrass in them was so overpowering that you wouldn’t have known that you were eating anything fishy as it took away the taste of everything else. 2/5

Finest Mushroom Bites
These are gluten free but due to having cheese in them then obviously not dairy free but these seemed to be the party food favourites, they are small mushrooms filled with cheese and risotto rice covered in gluten free breadcrumbs and seeds. Gets a 5/5

Bit disappointed in Aldi’s selection of party food to be honest as the only free from that I could find was the pigs in blankets and the peri peri chicken skewers below, everything else contained wheat.

Outdoor Bred Pigs in Blankets 
These were really tasty and meaty, not dry and full of fillers like some sausages can be so gets a 4/5

Peri Peri Chicken Skewers
These were OK, a bit dry so may have tasted better if there was a sauce to go with them.  They weren’t too spicy but has enough of a kick for spice lovers. 3/5

Cherrywood Smoked Pork Belly Bites
These contain barley so not suitable if you are gluten free but they seemed to be devoured quite quickly, they do take 50 minutes to cook though so bear that in mind when you are trying to time everything to be ready.  (M&S have Pork Belly in their party range that is gluten free and tastes so good if you are looking for a free from version). 4/5

Aldo's Christmas Party Food
Aldi's Christmas Party Food

What’s your favourite party food? Where do you go to buy your party food from or do you make your own?


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