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Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Denise and I am a food, lifestyle and parenting blogger living in Aberdeenshire. I started this little corner of t’internet away back in 2013 doing mainly food, lifestyle and craft posts but in February 2018 I finally became a Mummy after 14 years and 6 IVFs so you will find some parenting posts on here too.

Toddler Boy Autumn Clothing Haul


Whether you are looking for ideas on what to buy this season or just want to have a nosy, read on to see my Toddler Boy Autumn Clothing Haul. Autumn…

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Autumn Bucket List


I think it’s safe to say that autumn is pretty much at our doorstep now. The weather seems to have changed from a tropical (for Scotland) 22°c to 13°c in…

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Burger and Fries Pie | Slimming World Sunday


This Burger and Fries Pie fakeaway tastes like the real thing and is Syn free instead of the 34 syns a Big Mac meal would be.        …

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30 Halloween Blog Post Ideas


Even though we aren’t even mid way through August I’m already over Summer and have been thinking about Autumn and even Christmas.  While it’s nice to have sunny warm (not…

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Ice Cream and Ice Lolly Syns | Slimming World Sunday


Well those two weeks have been a bit toasty hot, haven’t they?  Although the first week was much hotter for those down south than up here in Scotland.  My pale…

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A Week of Slimming World Lunches | Slimming World Sunday


I’m not sure about you but I love having a look to see what other people eat whether I’m on Slimming World or not.  It gives you inspiration on those…

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Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli | Slimming World Sunday


This Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli melts in your mouth, the flavour is amazing and it’s gluten free! Plus at less than 1 Syn per portion its almost Syn Free!…

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How To Entertain Your Toddler This Summer


Noah may only be 16 months but I’ve already noticed that toddlers are hard work!!  I’m pretty sure that other parents of toddlers will agree with me on that! If…

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Slimming World Sunday | Starting Again


After having kids many mums are happy with their weight and their bodies and that is fantastic.  I am all for body positivity.  However I’m not one of them.  I…

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