My 2022 Goals

My 2022 Goals | What I hope to achieve in 2022

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a lovely Festive season with your family and friends.  We had a quiet one with just the three of us as my Mum just wanted to be on her own again this year and Steve’s family went out for their Christmas meal to a posh restaurant.  There was no way we were bringing a hyped up 3 year old there.  Plus looking at the expensive kid’s menu (£45) there wouldn’t be anything there he would have eaten anyway.

My 2022 Goals | What I hope to achieve in 2022

So here’s to 2022 and here’s hoping this year is better than the last two. It has to be, surely?!  Looking back I never set any goals last year.  There was no point as Scotland was in lockdown from Boxing Day 2020 until April 2021.  Now most of us are triple vaccinated I am hoping that normality will start to resume as these past two years has been really tough on every one.  Also my working hours are going back to pre covid times.  I’ve worked every Saturday since July 2020 so at least I will finally get 3 out of 4 Saturdays off.  Being hopeful I have made some goals that I hope to achieve this year.  At least most of them can still be done if we ever go back to having restrictions.  So here are my 2022 goals. *Just noticed that there is lots of hoping and hopefuls in this paragraph!! 😆*


My 2022 Goals


My 2022 Goals | What I hope to achieve this year

Declutter the House

This is one that I’ve been needing to do for a long time.  The last time I did a full on clear out was when I was pregnant which means it was over 4 years ago!  I’ve managed some small clear outs but with having a baby/toddler who never slept it made it quite difficult to do.  While you won’t see me in ‘The Hoarder Next Door’ yet I’m not wanting to get to the stage where there are so much things I’m overwhelmed.

Now Noah is in nursery Monday-Wednesday and I work Monday-Tuesday I have one day a week where I can concentrate on doing a proper clear out.  My plan is to concentrate on one room a month to declutter, starting with the kitchen.  I did dabble a bit with YouTube in the Summer so may decide to film the decluttering as I enjoy those kinds of videos.  Do you like those too?  I love seeing the insides of people’s cupboards and drawers and what they keep in them.

Seeing my Friends


I’ve not seen many of my friends in a long time.  Partly due to the pandemic with restrictions and my hours at work.  Quite often they would be free on a Saturday as they worked during the week and I would be working on a Saturday and free some days during the week.  Typical!  Also after having Noah we couldn’t get a babysitter as no-one will look after him as he’s such a terrible sleeper so nights out are now sadly non existent.  I’d probably fall asleep by 9pm anyway if I went out for a few drinks!!  Although he’s sleeping better through the night it’s the getting him to sleep that’s now the battle so it looks like it’s just going to be meet ups during the day until he is 18 years old a bit older!


Exercise More


I’m not going to pretend otherwise but I have been quite lazy lately.  The dark nights don’t do much to motivate me.  I much prefer to sit down on the sofa watching tv and eating chocolate than venture outside in the cold, dark night.  This month I’m going to go back to watching Zumba Sulu on YouTube as I found his videos fun to do.  I did think on going back to Jazzercise but with Steve’s hours he probably won’t be back in time to look after Noah so I can go to class.  I also used to watch a Pop Sugar video using weights that I enjoyed so I will restart that too.


Eat Healthy

In previous years I followed Slimming World but as I already have the books and information I will just loosely following it at home.  While everyone knows a healthy diet includes lots of fruit, veg, lean meats, fish and reduced bad fats and sugars putting it into practice is something that I fail at.  I start with good intentions but after a while I stop usually after eating something really fatty/sugary/fast food.  I’ve just joined Noom which is a weight loss app that calorie counts, tracks your activity and offers group support as well as personal coaching. It teaches you how to build healthy habits instead of focusing on quick weight loss. Which should hopefully stop any yo-yo dieting.  It is a subscription service, I was £14 for a 14 day trial then £88 for a 4 month subscription.  This works out cheaper than Slimming World classes!


That is my 2022 goals that I hope to achieve this year.  Have you made any this year or are you seeing how 2022 pans out.  Let’s face it, it can’t be any more of a shitshow than the last two!  Let me know below what your 2022 goals are.


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