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Quick Breakfast ideas

Are you after an easy omelette recipe? This Omelette in a Bowl is so quick and easy to make. Two minutes in the microwave and it’s done!  A tasty and super quick breakfast ready in no time at all.


Omelette in a Bowl | Slimming World Sunday | #breakfast #quick #two #minutes


Finding a delicious, filling breakfast that is quick to make can be quite tricky.  While cereal and fruit are a tasty enough breakfast I find that by mid morning I’m hungry again.  I’ve been on a hunt to find a tasty, quick and filling breakfast and I’m pleased to say that I have finally found one!  I give you an Omelette in a Bowl!  While I love omelettes, I’m not very good at the folding them in half bit.  They tend to break up and it just looks like I’ve thrown it onto a plate from the opposite side of the room!  With this recipe it’s all in a bowl so I don’t need to worry about folding it over.

This Omelette in a Bowl is made in the microwave and is just as fluffy as if you cooked it on the hob.  It only takes 2 minutes to cook in the microwave.  Plus as everything is added to the bowl there is less washing up to do! You can basically just throw whatever you like into it.  I’ve made quite a few of these omelettes this week.  I’ve added in bacon, mushrooms, spring onions, red peppers, spinach and tomatoes. But you could also chuck in some cooked sausage, ham or cheese in there as well.  I do advise spraying the bowl with spray oil as it’s less likely to stick to the sides of the bowl.


I found that two eggs were enough for this recipe but you could add more if you wish.  My microwave is 800w and 2 minutes is enough to cook this dish but you may need to alter the time according to your microwave.  Keep an eye on it as you don’t want it to go all rubbery if it is overcooked.


Omelette in a Bowl

Omelette in a Bowl

Are you after an easy omelette recipe? This Omelette in a Bowl is so quick and easy to make. Two minutes in the microwave and it’s done!  A tasty and super quick breakfast ready in no time at all.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine British
Keyword breakfast, gluten free, slimming world
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Servings 1 Person
Author Denise


  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Cherry Tomatoes Chopped
  • 1 Bacon Medallion or Rasher with fat removed Chopped
  • A Few Spinach Leaves Chopped
  • Salt & Pepper To Season
  • 1 Pinch Dried Chilli Flakes Optional
  • Frylight or low calorie spray oil


  1. Chop up the ingredients you want to add to your omelette. Make sure they are in small enough pieces that they will cook quickly.

  2. Spray the bowl with spray oil. This prevents the omelette sticking to the sides.

  3. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and whisk until fully mixed.

  4. Add your ingredients to the egg mixture along with salt & pepper and any herbs or spices you wish to add.

  5. Give it a good stir and microwave for 1 minute.

  6. Stir then cook for a further minute.

  7. Leave to stand for a minute.

You could have this omelette served on its own or you could add some beans, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on the side for a big breakfast.  I added in some chilli flakes for a bit of heat but you could add in some herbs instead. Herbs such as dill, thyme or chives work well with eggs too.

Omelette in a Bowl | Slimming World Sunday | Quick breakfast ideas ready in 2 minutes
Quick Breakfast ideas
 Slimming World Breakfast

Possible Variations


Have it cheesy – add in some grated cheese or even fat free cottage cheese for extra flavour.

Full Breakfast – chuck in some cooked sausage, black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Make it veggie – throw in some cooked sweet potato or butternut squash, mushrooms, tomatoes or whatever veg you have lying around n your fridge into the egg mixture.




If you try out this recipe or anything else from my blog, I’d really love to hear any feedback!  You can either comment below or tag me on Twitter @thelifeofdeem or on Instagram @the_life_of_dee

Omelette in a Bowl | Slimming World Sunday | #syn #free #breakfast #ideas #two #minutes

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