Meal Plan Week 1 | Slimming World Sunday

Slimming World Meal Plan

After straying off plan a couple number of times over the last few months due to my lack of planning I’ve decided to meal plan for the week.  If it’s written down then I’m more likely to stick to it…well that’s my thinking on it anyway!!  There’s nothing worse than coming home from work or being out and having to figure out what to have for dinner.  This is where a meal plan comes in really handy.  I’ve just covered dinners but if you would be interested in seeing a full meal plan that is something I can do in the future.  Let me know in the comments below if you would like a full Slimming World Meal Plan.

With Christmas less than 2 months away I am trying to use up what is in my freezer to make space for the Christmas food we will be having.  That’s why there’s a lot of meat/fish based meals on the meal plan this week.

Slimming World Meal Plan

Slimming World Meal Plan Week 1


 Toffee Apple Sausages and Mash

I’m not going to lie, this meal won’t be Slimming World friendly!  I picked up these sausages from Marks and Spencer at the weekend as I thought they sounded so good!  They are probably about 25432 syns each but I’m sure we will enjoy them.  I will serve them with mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy.  Will go back on plan tomorrow!!




Tuna & Sweetcorn Baked Potato with Salad

I am working late on Tuesday so will be after 8pm before I am home so I will need to have something quick and easy to make.  Baked potatoes are ideal for this as they take less than 10 minutes in the microwave to cook.  I use Sainsbury’s Light Mayonnaise which is 2 syns per level tbsp in my filling.  This is slightly higher than some other mayonnaises out there but this one is definitely my favourite.  You could use fat free yoghurt instead of mayo if you are looking to reduce some syns.



Spicentice Chinese Prawn Curry with Boiled Rice and Fried Beansprouts

This is one of my all time favourite meals.  I know that Mayflower Curry Sauce seems to be quite popular within the Slimming World circle but as it contains gluten I can’t have it.  The (#aff)  Spicentice Chinese Curry is not only gluten free but contains 1-2 syns per portion which is a lot less than the 4 syns for the Mayflower Curry.  This is also the most authentic tasting Chinese curry I’ve ever come across.  I chuck in some chopped onions, peas and carrots to the dish and serve beansprouts on the side for speed.  I fry my beansprouts in a little water and some soy sauce before serving.



Roasted Cod Loin & Baby Potatoes with Broccoli 

This is a really simple dish to make.  Cover the cod in a tin foil parcel and bake in the oven 180°C for 20-25 mins.  Boil the potatoes then once drained crush them with a fork and season well.  Place the cod on top and add chopped cherry tomatoes and capers.  Serve with steamed broccoli on the side.


As I have a couple of packs of mince taking up a lot of room in my freezer I decided to make Cheeseburger Pasta. This is a syn free dish if you use the cheese as your HexA.  Serve with salad on the side to increase your speed food.  You get all the taste of a cheeseburger but for a fraction of the calories.  Make sure you use 5% fat mince to keep it syn free.



Spicentice Paella Fiesta with Salad

When I placed my last Spicentice order I picked up the (#aff) Paella Fiesta to try.  I really enjoy Spanish food and love a good paella so I’m hoping that this lives up to my expectations.  It has 5 stars from 51 reviews on the website so it sounds like it will be quite tasty.  I’m not going to put in any chorizo but will make it with cooked chicken and prawns.  I also have some squid tubes in my freezer so will slice them up and chuck them in too.  Seeing as it’s the weekend might even have a glass of wine to go with it!




Roasted Chicken & Root Veg Tray Bake


Although I am quite partial to a good roast with all the trimmings sadly Steve isn’t.  Sad times indeed!!  How can you not like a roast dinner?!  The nearest thing I can come up with is some cubed chicken breasts, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, red onion and garlic placed in a tray.  Spray with some Frylight and drizzle over with some honey and wholegrain mustard.  Cook in the oven 180°C for around 40 mins or until cooked.  You could serve with some green beans or broccoli for some extra speed food.


Here is my Slimming World Meal Plan below if you would like to pin for later.

Slimming World Meal Plan | Week 1 #slimmingworld #meal #plan #dinner #ideas

If you would like to try Spicentice (#aff), you can get 20% off by simply entering my discount code DEE in at checkout.

Let me know below if you would like to see a full Slimming World Meal Plan or if you would prefer to see weekly breakfast, lunches or dinner meal plans for some meal inspo. What’s on your meal plan this week?
Meal Plan Week 1 | Slimming World Sunday Slimming World Meal Plan #dinner #ideas for #SlimmingWorld

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