Toddler’s Halloween Basket 2020

Toddler’s Halloween Basket 2020

Last year I made up a Halloween Basket for Noah.  While he was impressed with the chocolate and the projector torch, he couldn’t really care less about the other items.  As he was 20 months old last Halloween, I don’t really think he understood the concept of it but he definitely will this year.  Plus I can reuse the things that he wasn’t interested in last year.  With the way things are this year with Covid-19 there won’t be any Halloween parties or a Trick or Treating to go to so we will have a Halloween Night In to celebrate instead.  Here’s what is in this year’s Toddler’s Halloween Basket.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket 2020 | Looking for a fun way to give your toddler some Halloween treats? Then why not give them a Halloween Basket?

Toddler’s Halloween Basket 2020


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Making a Halloween basket doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.  I’ve managed to reuse some items from last year plus you don’t have to go overboard on it.  Last year I gave this to Noah a couple of weeks before Halloween so he could use the things in it rather than on the day itself.  I will do the same again this year.


This Frankenstein felt bat treat bag is from Home Bargains for £1.99.  It’s quite roomy inside and has enough room to fit all the Halloween treats in.  I do still have the Bat treat bag from last year but it’s buried in the depths of our cupboard of doom and I’m not venturing in there just now!
Home Bargains Frankenstein felt Halloween Bucket


My Mum picked up these Ghostbuster pyjamas last year in Sainsbury’s Halloween sale and cost £4.  They glow in the dark so I have a feeling he might like wearing these.  Also as they aren’t specifically for Halloween he can continue to wear them until he outgrows them.
Ghostbuster Pyjamas


Noah loves to draw so when I saw these gorgeous crayons on my Instagram feed I knew he would love them.  These are from (#aff) Creative Cooper Crafts on Etsy and come in a black drawstring bag with a personalised tag (£6).  These cute Halloween themed crayons are chunky so hopefully won’t break easily when being used with heavy pressure.  Jules has a fantastic range of crayons.  I’ve even bought a wild animal set for his Christmas.
Halloween Crayons | Toddler Halloween Basket Filler


Although we already have a stack of Halloween books, I ordered this (#aff) Busy Halloween Book by Louise Forshaw from Amazon for £5.29.  It is an interactive board book with pretty illustrations and tabs to push, pull or slide.  The story is about carving a pumpkin, getting dressed up to go Trick or Treating before having a Halloween party.  It is also told in rhyme which toddlers love listening to.
Busy Halloween Toddler Book

Sticker Book

This sticker book is actually from his Halloween basket last year as he never used it at all.   It is packed full with stickers for you to apply to different scenes such as a witches workshop, haunted house and a pumpkin patch throughout the sticker book.  So it should hopefully entertain him for a few hours.  Like me, he loves stickers but I will need to make sure that he sticks it onto the book and not on to the furniture.  Our tv unit has been destroyed from the time he stuck a load of stickers on it!!
Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Halloween Sticker Book Usborne

Projector Torch

This was his favourite thing in the Halloween basket last year.  I’m not sure what happened to that one so picked up another in Home Bargains for 69p.  It entertained him for hours last year…probably won’t be interested in it this year ?.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket 2020 | Projector Torch

LED Glasses

These pumpkin led glasses were from Flying Tiger.  They cost me £1 but I saw on their newsletter they are £4.  Apparently Tiger have offers on where they put selected items at a bargain price which I think must have been the case here.
Flying Tiger Pumpkin LED Glasses


Treats are a given for a Halloween basket.  Noah would eat solely cake and chocolate all day if he could so I try to limit the amount of sweet things he eats in a day.  I’ve included a Soreen Toffee Apple cake bar, a Smarties Pumpkin, some Halloween solid figures and some chocolate coins.  Might steal a few myself!
Halloween Treats for Toddlers

Other things to include in a toddler’s Halloween basket

If you are looking for more ideas on what to put in their Halloween basket, I’m sure they would love something from the list below.

Do you do Halloween baskets for your children?  If you do I’d love to know what you put in them.  If not, I hope that my Toddler’s Halloween Basket post gave you some ideas if you fancy doing something similar.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket | A toddler's Halloween Basket is the perfect way to get them excited about Halloween. Include some activities and tasty treats.

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