How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget

How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget

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At the beginning of the year blissfully unaware of how 2020 was going to turn out we decided that we were going to move house.  However COVID-19 and being furloughed has meant that idea is being shelved until next year instead.  I say hopefully!  There’s nothing like a lockdown and being indoors more than out to make you realise that your home is looking bit drab and boring.  While there is no point in doing a full revamp if we are planning to move in less than a year I decided to make a few changes to a couple of rooms instead.  Since we spend quite a bit of time in our living room that is the first one on my ‘Hit List’ to be updated.  Here are my tips on how to update your living room on a budget.

How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget


Rearrange the furniture

Obviously this is the most budget friendly way to update your living room as it is totally free!  Just moving the sofas away from the wall, swapping where a table goes or even decluttering some furniture can give your room a whole new look as well as more space.  We got rid of our 3 seater sofa and swapped it for 2 armchairs.  This has given us a larger area in the room.  No doubt which Noah will likely clutter up with all his toys.


Update your cushions

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to update your living room is by changing the cushions.  They can become quite worn, old looking and flattened with use.  Why not swap these for ones with bright colours or bold patterns to make more of an impact? Or go for fabrics such as faux fur or velour for a warm and cosy feel to your home.  You can even pick some cushions up while you do your weekly shop at the supermarket.
How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget | Revamp your living room cheaply

Add a mirror

Mirrors are fantastic for bouncing light around a room so are perfect for making smaller spaces look bigger.  There’s a huge selection of mirrors out there; statement pieces, round, over mantle, rectangular, Art Deco, etc.  I’m on the lookout for a rectangular one to hang just above our sideboard.  Our current one has a faux leather surround which Violet has taken to using as her personal scratching post!!  This time we will be choosing a mirror without any edging!


Update your curtains/blinds

Changing both the colour and style of these can make a huge difference to your living room.  For your curtains maybe you fancy going for a bright colour such yellow, blue or orange.  Or maybe just keeping it neutral with greys, beige or white.  We decided to keep it neutral by changing our orange and brown striped curtains to a beige pair.  It makes our living room so much brighter.  Swapping your blinds from vertical to Roman or roller to Venetian can also make a huge difference to how your window looks.  You can find a fantastic range of blinds online at DotcomBlinds.  They are a UK manufacturer and retailer of made to measure blinds at a very reasonable price.  I was honestly surprised at how affordable their blinds are.  Our blinds cost twice as much as they would have been from there and that was almost 10 years ago!

How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget

Source: DotComBlinds


Paint the walls

You can completely overhaul the look of your living room in one day by painting the walls. If you are feeling brave try painting one wall a bold, bright colour or if you prefer, just opt for a single colour all over.


Add some house plants

Introducing some house plants is a wonderful way to transform a room. It also comes with added health benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure plus plants help to purify the air.  However it’s worth considering any little people and pets you have in your house and do some research to find out which house plants are non toxic.  While you won’t get the health benefits you could always buy fake plants, easy to look after as you don’t need to water them!  I’ve gone for fake succulents as with two indoor cats and a toddler I don’t need to worry about the plants being toxic.
How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget
I hope that you found this how to update your living room on a budget post useful.  Do you have any budget friendly tips that I’ve missed off?  Let me know in the comments below.
How To Update Your Living Room On A Budget | How to revamp your living room cheaply #livingroom #update #lounge # sitting #room

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