How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler

How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler

I am a huge fan of Halloween and I’m hoping that Noah will share my love for it too!  Normally quite a few people on our street decorate outside their homes in anticipation of the Trick or Treaters that come round.  On Halloween our street is usually bustling with kids knocking on our doors and telling crap jokes in return for a few sweets.  With everything that has gone on this year I don’t think many people will be participating in Trick or Treating.  I don’t want Noah to miss out so I decided we could create our own Halloween fun.  If you want to do the same for your little one, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Halloween with a toddler.

How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler


Decorate the house

If you are like me and love any excuse to decorate the house then Halloween is no exception.  In pre-Noah days I used to go all out with the decorations, I even used to buy things from America online as there wasn’t much choice here in the UK.  Luckily things are changing and places such as Homesense, John Lewis, Poundland and Home Bargains all sell Halloween decorations.  eBay is another place to find some fantastic Halloween decor.  Just adding some lights, a few decorations and a pumpkin will instantly transform your home.
How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler

Pumpkin Carving

Showing my age here but back in my day it was turnips that we used to carve rather than pumpkins.  If you think carving a pumpkin is bad, turnips are far, far worse!  They are maybe smaller but their insides are solid and a nightmare to cut into.  Last year Noah helped me with scooping out the pumpkin insides and seemed to enjoy it so that can be his job again this year.  If you prefer to go down the non carving route you could always paint them or get the stick ins to decorate them with instead.

Halloween Crafts

Keep them busy with some spooky crafts such as decorating gingerbread vampires, colouring in window decorations or any one of the 639154 craft ideas on Pinterest.  I have an Autumn Pinterest board for things to do with kids.  Check out the Halloween section for some ideas.


Fancy Dress

Even though you are staying at home it doesn’t mean that you can’t get dressed up!  Kids love dressing up!  You can pick up a Halloween outfit from the supermarket when you are doing your weekly shop, buy from eBay or even make up an outfit from what you already have at home.  I bought Noah’s outfits in  last year’s sales.  He has a skeleton pirate and a monster outfit to choose from.

How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler

The cutest pumpkin in the patch 2018


Halloween Basket

Last year I gave Noah a Toddler’s Halloween Basket which he loved. Other than the chocolate that was in it he was entertained by the projector torch for hours.  You can pick up things to put in it cheaply and they can also be reused year after year.  This is the Halloween Basket he got this year.
How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler

Halloween Music

To get into the Halloween mood you will need to get the Halloween tunes on.  If you have an (#aff) Amazon Echo  then ask Alexa to play kids Halloween music, she has a decent selection!  You can always download a Halloween playlist on iTunes or another app.  Turn up the volume and shake your thang around the room.

Halloween Themed Food

To continue the Halloween theme you need to have some spooky treats.  You can find loads of recipes on how to make them on Pinterest, these Marshmallow Monster Eyeballs are really easy to make or my Halloween Rocky Road (you can get the recipe off my highlights on Instagram) You can even pick up some things in the supermarket to save time.  Serve them on some Halloween plates to continue the spooky theme. 

Halloween Rocky Road


Watch a Halloween Film

You can pick up some kids Halloween DVDs cheaply from the supermarket or Home Bargains.  Netflix, Amazon, Now Tv, have a huge selection too of Halloween specials with their favourite characters.

Halloween Books

When its time for bed, Noah will be wearing his Halloween pyjamas that I got from Sainsbury’s sale last year.  They are glow in the dark Ghostbusters ones.  We will then read one or two Halloween books from his selection of Halloween Books for Toddlers before hopefully falling asleep.
10 Trick or Treaters Halloween Book for Toddlers
Halloween is going to look a bit different this year, but that’s okay. We just have to find other ways to have fun instead.  I hope you found this how to celebrate Halloween with a toddler post helpful.  Is there anything that you have planned with your toddler for celebrating Halloween?  Let me know below.
How To Celebrate Halloween With A Toddler | Fun ways to #celebrate #halloween with a #toddler

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