Halloween Books For Toddlers

Halloween Books for Toddlers

Last year I shared a post on my Autumn books for toddlers and as promised here’s my Halloween version.  I think that encouraging toddlers to learn about seasons and festivities is really important.  It helps them understand what’s happening all around them throughout the year.  Books are a really good way of doing this as well as themed activities.  Here are our favourite Halloween Books For Toddlers.
Halloween Books for Toddlers

Halloween Books For Toddlers


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (#aff), which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.  Clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money!  For full transparency all links on this post are #aff


Pop Up Peek-a-boo! Pumpkin

This is a pop up board book.  The pictures inside are cute and not at all scary so suitable for the younger reader.  The pictures are of cuddly toys such as black cat, owl, bats and even a ghost.  Pop up books are good for toddlers as it’s exciting seeing what’s about to come jumping out the book.
Halloween Books for Toddlers | Pop Up Peekaboo! Pumpkin

Room on the Broom

Just like The Gruffalo by the same author this has become a new favourite.  Noah loves this book and the short film.  We have watched the Room on the Broom at least 642897 times!  Although have to say this is a book (and film) that I enjoy as much as Noah.  It’s a story of a witch and her cat who meet a dog, a green bird and a frog who then join them on their broomstick travels.
Room on the Broom

10 Trick or Treaters

This book is a counting one and another favourite that I have to read every night! I’ve even read it during the Summer months as Noah loved it that much!  As the title would suggest there are 10 Trick or Treaters but as the night progresses they lose one until there are no trick or treaters left.  This story is told in rhyme which is probably why he likes it so much.
10 Trick or Treaters Halloween Book for Toddlers

The Night Before Halloween 

A story also told in rhyme just like the ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas book. The story is about how the monsters and witches are getting their haunted house all ready for their Halloween party.
The Night Before Halloween Book

Mickey’s Halloween

This is a lift-the-flap book with over 50 flaps to peek under.  It’s an interactive book with things to find, shapes to look for, etc.  We haven’t looked at this book yet as I can’t seem to get him interested in any of the other books than the first 3 on this list!
Halloween Books for Toddlers

Pooh’s Halloween Pumpkin

A lovely board book about Pooh and his friends finding a pumpkin. It is a small book with just a few pages to read but good for the younger toddler. Also has a handle so it can be carried around.
Pooh’s Halloween Pumpkin Book | Halloween Books for Toddlers

Thats Not My Bat 

The latest That’s Not My books that has came out.  These books are excellent for toddlers with the bright colours and touchy feely bits as the story tells you why that’s not their bat. As well as the bright orange cover the page edges are coloured metallic purple.  Perfect for a Halloween book!
That’s NotbMy Bat | Halloween Books for Toddlers
I’ve linked all of the above books on Amazon to make it easier for you to purchase should you wish to buy any (please see affiliate disclaimer above).   Don’t forget that your local library is always a great resource for books too.


I hope that you found this Halloween books for toddlers post helpful.  Is there a favourite of yours that I’ve missed off?  Let me know below.
Halloween Books for Toddlers | #books that your #toddler will love this #halloween season.

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