Happy New Year And 2020 Goals

Happy New Year & 2020 Goals

Happy New Year!  I hope that you had a fantastic time over the festive period with your friends and family.  How was your Christmas?  What was your favourite gift?  Having spent most of December in a house full of ill people we all started to feel better by Christmas Day.  Hurray!!  Except while visiting our families who were now full of the festive coughing virus took the saying ‘it is better to give than to receive’ a bit too literally and decided to pass on the virus to us yet again.   On Hogmanay Noah had a temperature of 39°c and croup so needed steroids.  We were also both coughing our guts up so a sober night for us it was!  Hoping that this cough does one soon as after 4 weeks of barking like a dog I’m getting really fed up of it.


Happy New Year & 2020 Goals:


Anyway enough of my moans, I’ve decided to share my 2020 goals with you.  Here’s hoping that this year I stick to it and not be flaky with them as I was last year.


2020 Goals


Happy New Year & 2020 Goals




We have so much stuff in this house I just feel so overwhelmed by it all.  Part of me just wants to blow the house up!  That will solve my problem of getting rid of things.  However I think I will just take the less drastic measure of clearing things out room by room!  I really need to be more ruthless in clearing out things.  While I’ve donated quite a lot of Noah’s clothes to our local baby bank I’ve still got many more to get rid of.  I mean I’m driving around with seven. Yes seven! big Sainsbury’s bags of clothes that no longer fit Noah in the boot of my car as there’s no room for it in the house!  I had planned to sell them as a lot of them are barely worn or from shops such as White Company, Joules, etc but I might just have to donate them too.

Also the rest of the house just seems to be bursting at the seams with stuff.  Clothes, toys, kitchenware, make up, toiletries, etc.  You name it I will probably find it stuffed in a drawer or cupboard somewhere in here.  I’m hoping by next Christmas our home will be less cluttered and ready for the next intake of shit that will no doubt be coming through our door by then.


Meal Plan

Both my food cupboard and freezer are full yet most evenings I never know what to eat.   This means I will either go to the shop and buy even more food or end up with a takeaway.  Obviously this isn’t very cost effective. Plus it means that I’m probably eating an extra 27643 calories that day! I have a magnetic meal planner that I bought from Paperchase a couple of years ago so I’m going to look through the freezer/cupboard and see what we’ve already got then work out our meals from there.  Do you meal plan?  What are your tips?



Last year I planned to post more on my blog, be more active on social media etc.  Well that never happened!  My sleep deprivation took a turn for the worse at the end of 2018. Not only did Noah not sleep during the day.  For over 10 months he was waking up 2,3 sometimes even 4 times a night.  Every night!!  Before I would have stayed up late to type up a post but by 930pm my brain was not functioning and I would be passed out by 10pm.  I have him on a waiting list for a Two’s Group so I will have nearly 3 hours a week to get stuff done once he goes there.  I’m going to use that time to get posts done, schedule tweets, etc.  I’ve even got myself a blog planner to get myself organised.  I am hoping to do 2 posts a week.  What kind of post do you enjoy reading the most?


Lose Weight


When I started Slimming World 3 years ago I lost around a stone by following the diet and going to Jazzercise.  I’m going to join Slimming World again and go back to Jazzercise not only to lose weight but to feel healthier.  I did try to do Slimming World online in the summer but with Noah not sleeping I really struggled.  I would just try to stuff whatever I could in to my mouth as quickly as I could to save time.  This meant eating things like crisps, chocolate, ready meals, y’know…all the healthy things!!  Although I’m going to have to shift this virus before I head back to Jazzercise.  If you want to check out some Slimming World posts you can read them all here.


Me Time

This is something I really failed at last year.  I used to enjoy having a long soak in the bath and this has been replaced with a quick jump in and out of the shower.  The only tv shows I’m up to date with are on CBeebies and I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a book that didn’t have size 20 font.  This year I want to spend more time on me.  Just because I’m now a Mum doesn’t mean that I can’t spend an hour or two on myself a week.  I’ve got drawers full of toiletries and beauty products needing to be used so I’m going to start by having a pamper session a week.  I’m also going to find a tv show/box set on Netflix or wherever and start watching that when I’m on my own or if and when Noah has a nap.  Any recommendations on what to watch?



So there you have it, my 2020 goals.  I think they are realistic and achievable.  Tune in and find out in 365 days to see if I actually managed them!  What are your goals for 2020?







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4 responses to “Happy New Year And 2020 Goals”

  1. Carol says:

    I’m right with me on the decluttering. Somehow things just seem to reproduce in my closet. #MMBC

  2. Joanne says:

    Oh no sorry you’ve all been so sick. I felt like my kids were always sick at the holidays and it did take some of the fun out of it for me for sure. Good luck on your wonderful goals in the new year/ decade!

  3. Claire says:

    When we meal plan we choose around 5 dishes for the week but not necessarily the day we’ll have them on because that can be quite restricting. Try to have a good mixture of things to eat so your not tempted back to the shop, have a few lazy options for when you really can’t face cooking and if you do cook try to make portions for the freezer or lunch because that will help you out another day too.

  4. I’ve just started meal planning and find it saves on so much waste! I am in the middle of decluttering too! Good luck with your goals, I hope you smash them all. x

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