Christmas Bucket List 2019

Christmas Bucket List 2019 | The most wonderful time of the year is almost here & I just can’t wait. This year I’ve decided to do a Christmas Bucket List, click to check out our plans.

I love Christmas! Like reaalllllly love Christmas!  It’s definitely my favourite time of the year, especially now that we have Noah in our lives.  While Christmas is fun for adults with parties, trips to Christmas Markets and lots of tasty food.  Seeing it through the eyes of a child makes it even more magical.  I’ve got a few traditions that I want to add to the ones we already have but I also wanted to do a Christmas Bucket List.  I decided to do an Autumn Bucket List a few months ago so might as well do one for Christmas too.

Christmas Bucket List 2019 | The most wonderful time of the year is almost here & I just can’t wait. This year I’ve decided to do a Christmas Bucket List, click to check out our plans.

Christmas Bucket List

This is what I’ve put on our Christmas Bucket List this year.  Some of it is things we can do as a family, on our own as adults as well as some toddler activities.

Meet Santa

Earlier in the year the photographer that Noah had his newborn photo shoot with had a fantastic offer to meet Santa and his elves.  I’m now not so sure whether or not this was a good decision as Noah can sometimes be a bit funny when meeting new people.  Maybe receiving a present might make him change his mind!


Host A North Pole Breakfast 

If you aren’t sure what a North Pole Breakfast is it’s basically a sugar fest for breakfast.  Think donuts, pancakes, sweets, etc but you could chuck in some strawberries and bananas to make it a bit healthier.  Some people have them to mark the arrival of the Elf on the Shelf, to start the Christmas festivities or even for a Christmas Eve breakfast.  I’ve even got a post planned for how to host a North Pole Breakfast, so look out for that one very soon.


Drink The Costa Hot Chocolate Menu


I do love a hot chocolate, even more so when it’s chilly outside.  When Costa’s Festive Drink Menu comes out I like to find a new favourite.  When I was pregnant I loved the Black Forest hot chocolate and had one quite regularly which probably contributed to my gestational diabetes.  Looking forward to trying what’s on it this year.  Which one is your favourite?


Work’s Christmas Night Out

My social life as been in a steady decline over the last two years so I’m looking forward to a chance to dress up, put on some heels and have some adult conversation.  Oh and drink lots of some alcohol!


Decorate The Tree and House

I used to always put up our Christmas tree on the first Saturday in December while listening to Festive tunes and drinking some Baileys.  Now I think it will go up as late as possible.  Noah was just crawling last year so don’t think the tree was of much interest to him then.  This year I’m pretty sure as an inquisitive toddler he will never be away from it pulling decorations off the tree.  The cats are also fascinated by it! Violet likes to climb up it and eat the ‘bird’ decorations and Freddie tends to chew the branches.  One time he ended up vomming so much I had to take him into work to be checked out!  Thankfully after a couple of injections he was fine. It sounds hard work already and the tree isn’t even up yet!


Visit The Reindeers

There is a Reindeer Centre At Ythanbank in Aberdeenshire that I’m really looking forward to visiting.  It’s only open in the weeks leading up to Christmas so I’m guessing that it might get quite busy.  They also have two donkeys as well.


 Town Christmas Lights Switch On

Last year was the first time we went to our town’s Christmas lights switch on.  There were events on leading up to the switch on with stalls, a Santa parade and fireworks.  Noah didn’t really have much of an interest in what was going on around him but hopefully this year he will be more aware of things.

Donate Toys

In the lead up to Christmas our local Round Table has Santa come round on his sleigh on the back of a flat bed lorry. His helpers come round collecting money or toys for the Cash for Kids charity.  I bought a few toys in the Summer sales to give to them when they come round.


Watch Christmas Films 

I’m looking forward to watching our favourite Christmas films such as Elf, The Holiday, The Muppets Christmas Carol, etc.  I might see if I can find a few mini Festive films to get Noah started with.  You are never too young to watch Christmas films!

Do you have a Christmas Bucket List this year?  What’s on yours?  Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Oh I love the idea of a Christmas Bucket List! The donation of toys is fab and watching Christmas movies is a must! Home Alone is my fav. 😉 x

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