Toddler’s Halloween Basket

Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats

While browsing on Pinterest looking for things to do at Halloween with a toddler I came across quite a few posts about Halloween baskets. I’m guessing this must be quite a new thing as it’s something that I have never heard of before. I’ve known about Christmas Eve boxes for a few years now and have given them as gifts to friends and family but can’t say I’d ever heard of Halloween ones.  Not sure if I’ve been living on another planet but people also give their children Easter baskets.  Is this something new too?  Anyway I loved the idea of a Halloween basket, so much that I made one for Noah! He’s a bit young to go Trick or Treating so felt that this was a good way for him to celebrate Halloween.  If you want to know what’s in my toddler’s Halloween basket read on to find out!



Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats

Toddler’s Halloween Basket

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You really don’t need to spend a lot of money making up a Halloween basket.  Plus many of these items you can continue to use over the next few years too.  I will give this to Noah a couple of weeks before Halloween so he can get the use of the things in it.


I picked up this felt bat treat bag from Home Bargains for £1.99.  It’s quite large inside and had enough room to fit all his Halloween treats in.  I didn’t think about making a themed Halloween basket but in the end it turned out to be one.  I ended up buying quite a few bat items so it has ended up having a bat theme.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats


Noah loves books so I do like to get him new books every now and then.  I also like to get him seasonal books so he gets to understand the changing seasons and celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  I bought That’s Not My Bat to put in the basket.  As well as an orange coloured cover the edges of the pages are a purple metallic colour so very Halloweenie.  If you are looking for some Halloween books for toddlers suggestions then check out that post.
That’s Not My Bat Book

Spinning Wand Toy

Although this spinning wand is for aged 3+,  my Mum bought it for Noah last year and he was fascinated with the lights when it was switched on.  Hopefully he likes it again this year.  Sainsbury’s have similar Spinning Wands this year for £5.
Sainsbury’s Spinning Wand


This 3 pack of socks (£3.50) are another Sainsbury’s buy.  In the pack are a Frankenstein, bat and orange striped pair.  As Noah has big feet (he was in a size 5.5 shoe before 18 months) then these socks should hopefully last him a while.
Sainsbury’s Tu Halloween Socks

Sticker Book

I thought I’d introduce Noah to the joy of stickers! I used to find peeling off stickers and creating a scene with them very therapeutic so maybe Noah will too.  If he doesn’t use them then I definitely will maybe next year he will.  I picked this sticker book up from Sainsbury’s for £3.99.
Usborne Halloween Sticker Book

Projector Torch

This twin pack projector torches were £1 from Poundland.  I think that he will love looking at the projected images on the wall and so will the cats.


Bat Decoration

I thought that Noah could start having some Halloween decorations in his room and will probably buy him something new each year.  This sequin bat decoration (#aff) came from John Lewis and was £2.50.

John Lewis Sequined Bat Halloween Decoration




I’m not quite sure if this is a Halloween outfit or pyjamas but I’ve decided to use them as pyjamas.  These were reduced in Sainsbury’s after last year’s Halloween and cost £4.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats

Straw Cup

I used to love these curly strawed cups when I was younger.  I’m sure Noah will be fascinated by the liquid climbing up the straw as he drinks.  This cup was from Home Bargains and was £1.25.  It also came in purple.
Toddler’s Halloween Basket | Let your toddler celebrate Halloween with some spooky tricks and treats

Spikey Balls

These spikey balls were also from Home Bargains and were 50p each.  When they bounce of the ground they flash as well as being squishy.  They are for children over 3 years of age but I will only let him use them when I’m there.
Halloween Spikey Balls


Treats are a Halloween Basket essential.  Obviously a toddler with a sugar rush is a very bad idea so I’ve just limited it to a couple of treats for him with a Milky Bar Vampire and a Ghost filled with Smarties.  He also loves the Soreen Cake Bars so I stuck in a couple of Toffee Apple flavoured ones which he is yet to try.
Halloween Treats for Toddlers

If you fancy giving a Halloween basket a try other things you could include in them:




I hope that my Toddler’s Halloween Basket post gave you some ideas if you want to do something similar.
? Let your little one celebrate Halloween this year with some spooky trick and treats with a Toddler’s Halloween Basket. ?

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  1. What a lovely idea! The basket is awesome and you chose some fab bargains to fill it too. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  2. Crummy Mummy says:

    We do Easter baskets but I’ve never considered Halloween baskets before – yours looks fab #MMBC

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    I love the decorated basket and all the little goodies. Good job! #MMBC

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