Autumn Books For Toddlers

Autumn Books For Toddlers | The best autumn books to help your toddler understand about Autumn.

Reading books that are seasonal will help your toddler understand the changing seasons as well as festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Here are my favourite Autumn books for toddlers to read.


Autumn Books For Toddlers | The best autumn books to help your toddler understand about Autumn.

Even though Noah is only 18 months he already seems to be a huge book lover.  He loves to grab a book and either look through the pages on his own (usually upside down).  Or he will take it over for you to read to him.  To help him understand the world around him I’ve started buying books that are seasonal.  This is so he can learn about the changing seasons as well as any festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.  Now that the leaves are beginning to change colour and fall off the trees I thought it would be a good time to start reading about Autumn.  I’ve bought a selection of Autumn books over the last few weeks and thought I would share them with you.  Here’s my Autumn books for toddlers.




Autumn Books For Toddlers


A mix of tactile, pop up and lift the flap books with brightly coloured pictures should keep your toddler interested.  Short stories are best since they have the attention span of around 10 seconds before they want to wander off and wreck your house.  Or is this just my toddler?!

If you are wondering why there’s no Halloween books in here I’ve put them in a separate post as there’s quite a few. My Halloween Books for Toddlers post contains lovely non spooky books for the little ones.

That’s Not My Squirrel

Noah has about 39167 versions of the That’s Not My books.  They are really good for toddlers as they are tactile, easy to read and have bright colours in them.  The That’s Not My Squirrel book (£5.99) has some Autumn themed pages in it too.  We sometimes see Red Squirrels running around not far from our house so it is a good way to tie that in with the book.

Autumn Books For Toddlers | That’s Not My Squirrel


Autumn by Ailie Busby (£4.99) is a board book about what children can get up to during the season.  It tells a story of activities of splashing in muddy puddles, collecting acorns, picking blackberries and making pies.  As well as having pretty pictures for toddlers to look at it shows them what things they can do during the Autumn months.

Autumn by Allie Busby


Hedgehugs:  Autumn Hide and Squeak is one of the board books in the Hedgehugs series.  It’s a story about Horace and Hattie who meet a new friend when they are out and end up playing hide and seek with them.  It has really pretty Autumnal pictures and is an easy to read short story.

Hedgehugs Autumn Hide and Squeak

Squirrel’s Autumn Search

Squirrel’s Autumn Search (£7.23) is a paperback about a squirrel who forgets where he has hidden his food after playing with his brother.  He searches high and low for his Autumn stash before eventually finding it.  There’s also pages at the back that suggest some activities you can do with your child.

Squirrel’s Autumn Search

The Gruffalo

I had to add this one here as this is Noah’s favourite book just now.  He grabs this book Every. Single. Day.  I’m pretty sure I now know this book word for word. Even when there is a choice of other books it is still this one he goes for.  The Gruffalo (£4.77) by Julia Donaldson is a very popular book and the story is told in rhyme.  It’s about a little mouse and who he meets walking through the deep dark wood.

Autumn Books For Toddlers | The Gruffalo

Guess How Much I Love You In The Autumn

Guess How Much I Love You In The Autumn (£5.99) is a hard back book from the Guess How Much I Love You series.  It’s a story about little nutbrown hare finding a cardboard box on a windy day and what fun he has with it.

Guess How Much I Love You In The Autumn

All prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I’ve linked all of the above books on Amazon to make it easier for you to purchase should you wish to buy any (please see affiliate disclaimer above).   Don’t forget that your local library is always a great resource for books too.


I hope that you found this Autumn books for toddlers post helpful.  Is there a favourite of yours that I’ve missed off?  Let me know below.

Autumn Books for Toddlers | The best books for helping your toddler understand about Autumn

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4 responses to “Autumn Books For Toddlers”

  1. Tracey Carr says:

    There are some lovely books suggestions here. I was just thinking today that I will bring my girls to the library after school because they really need new books to read. Seasonal books are a lovely idea, they are so visual and my kids especially love books with big, vivid images! #mmbc

    • Denise says:

      Thank you! 😊. I hope that you found some new books in the library for your girls that they enjoy reading. I’m always looking for some new books for him to read when he’s older so let me know if they were any good xx

  2. What a lovely selection of books and how nice that they are seasonal. We have Guess How Much I Love You In The Autumn and The Gruffalo. 🙂 x #MMBC

  3. Denise says:

    Thank you 😊! I actually quite enjoy reading The Gruffalo, I’ve just ordered The Gruffalo’s Child so hoping that one is just as good.

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