30 Halloween Blog Post Ideas

30 Halloween Blog Post Ideas For any niche #halloween #blog #post #ideas

Even though we aren’t even mid way through August I’m already over Summer and have been thinking about Autumn and even Christmas.  While it’s nice to have sunny warm (not hot) weather, light nights and cool drinks there’s something quite exciting about the change into Autumn.  The crisp air, dark nights, glow of candlelight, changing leaves and of course, Halloween!  Halloween is my second favourite time of the year after Christmas and I know that I’m not the only one as it seems quite popular with other bloggers.  If you are thinking of doing some Halloween blog posts or doing Blogtober I thought I would make up a list of Halloween Blog Post Ideas.  Oh and I also have some Autumn themed posts too if you are after some of those!


30 Halloween Blog Post Ideas For any niche #halloween #blog #post #ideas


Halloween Blog Post Ideas

  1. Halloween Playlist – share what you will be listening to this Halloween.
  2. Favourite Non Scary Halloween Films – tell us what films that us scaredy-cats can watch.
  3. Favourite Scary Halloween Films – what films should we watch that will scare us shitless.
  4. Why you love (or hate) Halloween – tell us what you love the most (or even hate) about Halloween.
  5. Photo props for Halloween blog posts – show us what spooky props you use for your blog photos.
  6. Halloween House Tour – give us a look at how you have decorated your house for Halloween.
  7. Local Ghost Tours or Haunted House events – tell us what happens at these events.
  8. Go to a Pumpkin Patch – head to a pumpkin patch and tell us what things we can do there.
  9. Last minute Halloween costume ideas – if we get a last minute invite to a party tell us what costumes we could make with what we have at home.
  10. Halloween Haul – show us what goodies you have bought for Halloween.
  11. Your most memorable Halloween – tell us the Halloween that sticks out the most.
  12. Favourite Halloween Books – whether it’s for toddlers, kids or adults share what books we should be reading this Halloween.
  13. Pumpkin carving ideas – give us some ideas on what we could carve our pumpkins into.  You could even get people to sign up for a free downloadable template.
  14. What to wear this Halloween – show us what we could wear this Halloween instead of wearing fancy dress.
  15. DIY Halloween decorations – Halloween decorations can be expensive so show us how to make our own ones much cheaper.
  16. How To Host a Halloween Party – share a guide on how we should be hosting our Halloween party.
  17. What’s In my Halloween Basket – Halloween baskets seem to be a new thing and if it’s something you do show us what’s in yours.
  18. Halloween Cupcakes/Cookie recipe – most people love sweet things so share a Halloween recipe that you made.
  19. Local Halloween events – plenty of places have events on over Halloween.  Let us know what’s happening in our local area.
  20. Cocktails for a Halloween party – show off your inner Tom Cruise and make us a fancy cocktail or mocktail.
  21. Halloween crafts for kids – whether it’s an activity for a party or something to do on a wet weekend give us ideas on what we can craft with children.
  22. Make up tutorial – show us how to apply make up for a Halloween look.
  23. Games for a Halloween Party – there are loads of games that can be played at a Halloween party.  Let us know which ones we should be playing at ours.
  24. Your/kids/pet’s Halloween costume – maybe the costume is shop bought or maybe you made it yourself.  However the outfit came about let’s see it.
  25. Halloween activities for kids – kids of all ages need to be entertained so show us the Halloween themed messy play for toddlers, scavenger hunt for older kids or ‘name that film’ using film quotes for teenagers.
  26. Halloween Tag – Halloween tags are a good way to find out more about you and how you spend Halloween.
  27. Trick or Treat Safety – while Trick or Treating can be fun there can also be dangers involved too.  Let us know how we can do it safely.
  28. Halloween Bucket List – everyone has a bucket list, what things do you want to do this Halloween.
  29. Halloween Party Menu – whether you are throwing a children’s party with all the snacks or having a civilised adult only dinner party tell us what you will be eating.
  30. How to Spend Halloween In…. – Maybe you have spent Halloween in Disneyland Paris, Salem, London or in Mexico.  Whether you are a travel blogger or have holidayed on Halloween somewhere else share with us how we should spend it.

I hope that this Halloween Blog Post Ideas List has inspired you to write some spooky posts about Halloween.  If you can think of any others then let me know below.


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30 Halloween Blog Post Ideas For any niche #halloween #blog #post #ideas

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