7 Struggles Females Will Understand

7 Struggles Females Will Understand


Being female can be pretty tough going as we have the joys of periods, shaving, being paid less than our male counterparts and even having to endure childbirth. That’s before we even get to the daily struggles of deciding what to wear, making sure we don’t have lipstick on our teeth and deciding whether we want to eat the bar of chocolate or fit into our skinny jeans! The struggles of being female is very much real!  Here are 7 Struggles Females  Will Understand!


7 Struggles Females Will Understand 


Sore Feet

You have found the most gorgeous pair of shoes that goes perfectly with your outfit, you slip your feet into them just before you head out the door and then discover……… they hurt your feet!! It feels like your toes are in a vice being crushed, the skin on your heel is being rubbed away with every step but you carry on walking regardless as your shoes are so, so pretty!


7 Struggles Females Will Understand



Wearing a bra is good for support when running, giving extra oomph if needed and also for keeping them from sliding down to your knees but the feeling at taking one off at the end of the day is just pure bliss!



Having Nothing To Wear

Your wardrobe may be fit to bursting as you own 5789753 tops, 346676 pairs of jeans, 74563 black dresses and have 4567621 pairs of shoes but one thing that can be guaranteed is that whether you have been invited to a party, a wedding or even an interview you will utter the words “….but I have nothing to wear!!



Clothes Shopping

Following on from the having nothing to wear struggle is the clothes shopping one. There are lots here to choose from. Whether it is being a size 10 in one shop and a size 14 in another, finally finding something that you love only to find out they no longer have it available in your size, seeing a top you really like the look of but on closer inspection find out it has cut outs where your bra will be visible or trying something on and then getting stuck when you try to take it off!!


7 Problems Females Can Relate To


Nail Polish


Painting your nails can be a nightmare if you do them yourself. Your left hand (or right hand if you are left handed) looks really good with the polish perfectly applied. Your other hand has the nail polished applied in blobs, on your skin and all streaky looking. Oh and you know only too well that you will be needing to go to the toilet when your nail polish hasn’t quite dried and end up smudging it!



Urgh! Periods. Where to start on this struggle?! Just before they arrive we are #blessed with bloated abdomens, spotty faces and sometimes even greasy hair! They announce their arrival with horrendous cramps and heavy bleeding. The next few days sees you wearing comfortable period pants, eating All. The. Carbs and being a hormonal monster. Then it is time to say au revoir and you are back to normal for the next three weeks until their dreaded return.




Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner can really shape and define your eyes if you apply it right, get it wrong and you can end up looking a bit like Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’. You get the perfect wing on one eye.  Your attempt on the other eye doesn’t quite match so you make the first wing a bit thicker.  Again they don’t quite look the same so you end up adding a bit more. Suddenly your eyelids are covered in thick black eyeliner and you look like a panda!


Do you agree with these struggles?  What other ones have I missed off here, let me know below which ones you would add to the list.


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3 responses to “7 Struggles Females Will Understand”

  1. Haha I love this post. Have to agree with them all, although I’ve given up on ever owning pretty high heel shoes ever again!

    • Denise says:

      I do still own pretty high heels but just never wear them anymore. My knees hurt as well as my feet 😄 Trainers or pumps all the way now! Is this a sign of old age?! You never know you might find a pair of heels and fall in love with them & go back to wearing them again. xx

  2. Oh this is pure comedy gold and oh so very true. Don’t forget defuzzing though, we either pull out those hairs (ouch) or nick ourselves with a razor. Still I’d much rather be a girl and a bloke any day!


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