55+ Advent Activity Ideas

55 Advent Activity Ideas | Looking for something other than chocolate for #advent? How about doing a #daily #activity got the #countdown #to #Christmas


This post was originally published in 2013 so I felt it was time to show it some love and update it into 2018! 


The countdown to Christmas is away to begin and most people will be displaying their advent calendars and looking forward to whatever will be behind the door that day, whether its chocolate, toys, beauty products or even cheese!  We have one of those wooden advent calendars that you can fill the drawers with sweets or small toys.  Since I’m trying to cut back on all things sweet I thought doing advent activities would be much better for my teeth and waistline.   Plus Noah is too young for chocolate at the moment. Instead I thought we could fill the days with activities that we can do over the next 24 days until it’s finally Christmas Day.  If you are looking for some inspo then check out the 55+ Advent Activity Ideas below.


55 Advent Activity Ideas | Looking for something other than chocolate for #advent? How about doing a #daily #activity got the #countdown #to #Christmas


You don’t have to do activities every day, maybe just at the weekend or on days that you aren’t so busy.  Some activities are easy and you don’t even need to leave the house to do them.  So if the weather is bad or if  you have a case of the CBAs (can’t be arsed) then there is plenty for you to choose from.  There is activities that you can do as families, children, couples or even just with friends.


55+ Advent Activity Ideas


  1. Buy a Christmas Tree and decorate it.
  2. Have a movie night watching your favourite Christmas films such as Elf, Muppets’ Christmas Carol, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, etc.
  3. Build a Gingerbread House and decorate it with loads of sweets.
  4. Bake Christmas cookies.
  5. Visit your local National Trust Christmas event.
  6. Bit retro but have a Fondue night (cheese or chocolate, whichever you prefer).
  7. Buy a scratchcard (and hope it’s the winning one!)
  8. Build a Snowman (obviously this is weather dependant).
  9. Visit Santa at his Grotto.
  10. Go to the cinema to see this year’s Christmas film.
  11.  Make your garden all Christmassy and decorate the outside of your house.
  12.  Drive around to see other people’s Christmas lights.
  13. Have a hot chocolate night with marshmallows, cream and other toppings or add in Baileys or Candy Cane vodka…Yum!
  14. Do something for charity such as donating a shoebox to an appeal or buy a child a gift.
  15. Make Magic Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve (remember don’t use glitter as it’s toxic to wildlife)
  16. Eat a picnic tea under the Christmas Tree.
  17. Make paper-chain decorations.
  18. Have a festive themed manicure.
  19. Make a Christmas themed packed lunch, you could use cookie cutters for cutting out shaped sandwiches or things that are red and green.
  20. Head to a Christmas Market and try the festive fare.
  21. Go to a Carol or Christingle service on Christmas Eve.
  22. Roast some chestnuts.
  23. Read your favourite Christmas book.
  24. Make some Mulled Wine or Cider (for non drinkers and children there is Mulled Apple Juice).
  25. Have breakfast with Santa at your local restaurant or garden centre.
  26. Make paper snowflakes.
  27. Go ice skating.
  28. Listen to Christmas music at home and make up a playlist for in the car.
  29. Watch the Christmas Pantomine.
  30. Go out for a festive meal at your favourite restaurant.
  31. Buy a new decoration for the Christmas tree.
  32. Go sledging and make snow angels (obviously weather dependant).
  33. Have a games night with board games or cards.
  34. Make and drink some Christmas cocktails/mocktails.
  35. Write a letter to Santa and post it.  If you post it before Friday 7th December, include your name and address and post it with a stamp Royal Mail Santa will send you a reply.
  36. Buy a Costa/Starbucks festive drink.
  37. Take a bath/shower using Lush Christmas bath bombs or shower gels.
  38. Host a North Pole Breakfast with plenty of sweet things to eat such as pancakes, donuts, fruit, etc.
  39. Have a Christmas Jumper day and wear a tacky Christmas jumper.
  40. Make salt dough Christmas decorations.
  41. Have a Christmas photo shoot (either do it yourself or book one in).
  42. Go on the Santa steam train.
  43. Have a Festive takeaway from McDonalds, M&S Food to go, etc.
  44. Donate Christmas goodies to a food bank.
  45. Donate food, hay, treats, toys to animal charities (many vet practices have collections for charities).
  46. Collect Pine Cones to make into a centrepiece.
  47. Make Peppermint Bark.
  48.  DIY Christmas decorations like a Christmas in a jar.
  49.  Bake mince pies from scratch or cheat using mincemeat out of a jar and ready made pastry (my preferred option!).
  50. Make a Yule log
  51. Feed the ducks at the park (but not bread!!) sweetcorn, oats, peas, torn lettuce & wish them a Merry Christmas.
  52. Make bird feeders.
  53. Wrap up warm and go on a winter walk.
  54. Eat dinner by candlelight.
  55. Bake Christmas cupcakes.
  56. Have a pyjama day (wearing Christmas ones is optional)
  57. Go on a Christmas themed scavenger hunt.
  58. Make Christmas cards.
  59. Host a Christmas party.


I hope that you found this Advent Activity Ideas list helpful.  Is there anything that you like to do that is not on the list?  Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear them.




55 Advent Activity Ideas | Looking for something other than chocolate for #advent? How about doing a #daily #activity got the #countdown #to #Christmas



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6 responses to “55+ Advent Activity Ideas”

  1. lemonadebudget.com says:

    This is a lovely idea. My Mother in Law sometimes buys us a chocolate calendar each, but I don't think we're getting one this year. I like this way better, it's more in the Christmas Spirit x

    • admin says:

      Thank you :)! You end up eating loads of chocolate between advent calendars, sweets at work, tins of chocolate at home and then wonder why you have put on weight lol. He doesn't know that there is no chocolate in them yet so will have to wait and see how well it goes down :). If you do something like this then let me know what you got up to. xx

  2. Such a lovely idea! My friend did this one year it’s fab 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve been drawing up a list of activities to do in advent with my girls- there are some lovely ones here!

  4. Deborah Kos says:

    I never thought of picnic tea under the tree but I would like to try this. Making peppermint bark sounds like a great idea for Christmas dessert too.

  5. Emma says:

    What great ideas! Love that they are activities rather than things. We are trying to move away from that this year. X

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