What I’m Loving in ………. April


It’s been quite a while since my last What I’m Loving post, just had to check and saw that it was waaaaay back in September.  Didn’t realise it was as far back as then! Now that I’m on maternity leave I am hoping to blog more frequently (baby sleeping permitting, Noah is yet to read the memo that babies are meant to nap during the day!) and am aiming to post twice a week.



It goes without saying I will be loving him longer than a month but as this is my first What I’m Loving Post since he was born then I obviously had to add him.

What I’m Loving in..........April

Sanctuary Spa Illuminating Whipped Creme

I am a big lover of Sanctuary Spa products as they have the most amazing smell, they are lovely products to use as well as being cruelty free.  This cream was my daily saviour as it gave my skin a lovely glow to my deathly pale face.  I lost a fair amount of blood during my Caesarean section and ended up needing a blood transfusion so for weeks after I was so pale I looked like a ghost.  This cream gave me enough of a healthy glow that I didn’t end up looking like the walking dead.



What I’m Loving in April

Method Pink Pomelo Collection

I know that it’s cleaning products but they are very pretty cleaning products. Being a huge Method fan when I saw they had a new collection out I just had to try it.  The Pink Pomelo is a limited edition collection and comes in pretty rose gold bottles.  It has a citrusy (is that even a word?!) floral scent and if you don’t know what a pink pomelo is, cos I didn’t, it’s a citrus fruit that resembles a large grapefruit.  Strangely enough I loved their Sunny Citrus spray last year as it smelt like Summer in a bottle but once I got pregnant the smell turned my stomach and I couldn’t use that one again.



What I’m Loving in April

Banana & Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

This is my current favourite breakfast as you just chuck the ingredients together the night before, put it in your fridge overnight and boom… breakfast is ready for you in the morning.  I very rarely get the opportunity to eat/drink anything other than at a lukewarm temperature at the minute as Noah seems to know when I’m about to sit down and eat so takes this as a cue to scream the house down as he wants fed that very second.  There are plenty of flavours for overnight oats but the Banana and Chocolate Chip flavour is my favourite.


Banana & Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats


What things have you been loving this month?







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