10 Things You Discover When You Become New Parents


Now that it’s been 12 weeks since Noah came into the world we have finally got used to having him around here are a few things that we have noticed since becoming new parents:


10 Things You Discover When You Become New Parents



1. You will feel completely knackered and will surprise yourself on how little sleep you can survive on.   Remember the days when you went on a night out, headed home for a few hours sleep before getting up for work the next day?  Well think of doing that every day, months on end…… and you are only slightly close to how sleep deprived you will feel.  In the very early days we were only getting 45 minutes sleep between feeds.


2.  Sniffing your baby’s clothed bum to check if you can smell that they have pooed their nappy is completely normal.  It saves you having to take everything off to check their nappy to find out whether they have or not.  However if they have a poo explosion there is no need to do the sniff test as the brown liquid seeping through their clothes is a dead giveaway that they are needing their nappy changed!


3.  You will find yourself randomly humming or singing a song which has been stuck in your head all day but it won’t be anything currently in the charts.  Oh no, it will be “Wheels On The Bus”, “Five Little Speckled Frogs” or “One Man Went To Mow”.


4.  You no longer buy anything for yourself.  When shopping either in store or online you instantly head to the baby section as they definitely need a new sleepsuit, cuddly toy, baby book, etc to go with the eleventy billion ones they already have at home.


10 Things You Discover When You Become New Parents


5.  Your home will resemble a toy shop with cuddly toys, swings, play gyms, etc.  Also your pet cats will love the baby toys and play with them as though they were bought especially for them!


10 Things You Discover When You Become New Parents


6.  Your camera roll will be no longer be full of photos of cats and selfies, instead pictures of your little bundle will be on 99% of it.


7.  You can no longer leave the house in under 5 minutes due to your baby needing fed before you go then doing a huge poo explosion just as you put them into their car seat.  Also you need to ensure your changing bag has a change of clothes for you as well as baby for any vomit, pee, etc that always finds its way onto your clothes as well as theirs.


8.  Your baby will have more clothes/shoes than both of you put together.  Partly because you can’t help but buy that cute little top you saw while out shopping (see point 4) but also you will be given. So. Much. Stuff. as people will buy you gifts once your little one is born.  They will probably only end up wearing one of their outfits once or twice, if at all before they outgrow it.


9. You will never be able to drink a cup of tea while it’s hot as the moment you sit down with one they will wake up, need feeding/nappy changing, scream the house down.


10. When they smile or start to laugh with you your heart just melts.

10 Things You Discover When You Become New Parents


What things did you discover when you became new parents?




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