Lush Halloween Haul

Lush Halloween Haul

I love Lush but even more so at this time of the year when all their Halloween and Christmas stock comes out.  Every year they bring out cute bath bombs and bubble bars (and lets not forget my favourite, Snow Fairy products) that you then have to decide which ones you should buy.  I bought these online along with some Christmas ones which I will write about in a later post so I had no idea what their scent was like before I bought them.  So here is my Lush Halloween haul.


Lush Halloween Haul

Monsters’ Ball

This pink and blue one eyed monster smells really lovely with its scents of lime and neroli oil.  The bath bomb turns your bath blue with hints of pink on the top.

Sparkly Pumpkin

Ive yet to try this glittery bubble bar but have heard only good things about it.  Apparently it leaves glitter around your bath once the water has gone the drain.

Goth Fairy

This shimmer bar is to be rubbed over your skin and leaves your skin smooth and sparkly.  It also has the Snow Fairy scent.

Lush Halloween Haul


This pumpkin bath bomb turns the bath water a lovely shade of orange and has a slightly spicy scent to it with a hint of vanilla.

Pink Pumpkin

I’ve not tried this bubble bar yet but it has a nice floral scent to it as well as looking very pretty.

Lush Halloween Haul


This cat shaped bubble bar turns your bath water black and has a fruity scent.

Lush Halloween Haul


This jelly bomb has scents of Grapefruit and tangerine oil so is really refreshing.  Not quite sure what happened to the ghost that is at either side of the bomb as they have both disintegrated but this turns your bath water lime green with a tinge of purple.

Lush Halloween Haul

Have you tried any of Lush’s Halloween range? Which one is your favourite?

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5 responses to “Lush Halloween Haul”

  1. Emma says:

    Ahh don’t you just love Lush? My good friend works in one of the stores and anytime she comes over my whole house smells of that shop! ☺ so heavenly and I am rather jealous of all the excellent baths you are going to be having! The pumpkin bomb makes your skin SO so unbelievably soft by the way!

    • Denise says:

      That shop smells amazing so I guess that the scent will cling to you while you work there 😊. I’ve not used the Pumpkin bomb yet so look forward to having soft skin, think that’s on my next try list.

  2. Claire says:

    I went into lush today and now regret not getting the sparkly pumpkin! I’m away next week so maybe when I come back I will treat myself <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    • Denise says:

      Im sure that they will have some left next week so hopefully you manage to pick one up 😊 It does smell really lovely xx

  3. Mrs Madhouse says:

    ooooh the pumpkin!

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