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Syn free Brunch

Ive been a bit quiet on the blogging/social media front this past week or so.  Work has been so busy plus there is stuff going on in the background too.  I’ve also not been to Slimming World for the last couple of weeks.  One reason was there was a Body Shop event and that sounded like a lot more fun but also I have just started some new medication which is making me put on weight.  I didn’t see much point in going just now when I’m gaining weight.  Although I am still food optimising so I’m hoping that the gains are minimal.  On Sundays we tend to eat brunch as we tend to get up later plus there is no work to rush off for and we can just have a leisurely morning.  To stay within my food optimising I decided to make a syn free brunch.


Syn free Brunch


What To Have For A Syn Free Brunch?


For the main dish we had gluten free toasted ciabatta, topped with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with chives.  I also added garlic mushrooms with fresh parsley and a grilled tomato on the side.  Fresh strawberries, raspberries, pineapple chunks and watermelon slices were added for some speed.  I used the ciabatta as my HexA choice.  If you were to syn it a Schar ciabatta is 4.5 syns.  Everything we ate was syn free.


Syn Free brunch

Syn Free brunch

Syn Free brunch


Other ideas for a syn free brunch is a cooked breakfast, kedgeree or  potato hash topped with poached eggs. For speed foods, slice some fruit and place in bowls for people to help themselves.  You could even steam some asparagus for on the side.  If you are lazy like me you can buy fruit already sliced so all you need to do is open the packet and arrange on a plate.  If you fancy adding in a few syns to your brunch then sausages, pancakes or waffles sound pretty worthy of making appearance.


Syn Free Brunch

What kind of things would you have for a Syn free brunch?


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