Slimming World Sunday | Weigh in 13


Well today’s Slimming World Sunday post is going to be short and sweet, what I had planned to post today needed photographs that I was going to take this morning but in the end that never happened.  Unfortunately last night Mr M’s brother had to take their Dad to A & E as he lost his sight.  They think that his retinas have detached and has to go back this morning to see a specialist.  Mr M left earlier this morning to drive into Aberdeen and take his Dad to the hospital, fingers crossed everything is ok.  I have had such a busy week with working late (hello 12+ hour shifts!), Jazzercise, etc I haven’t had a chance to schedule content so I never had anything else to post today other than what I had planned for today, soz!  Will save it for next week though.  So a short chatty post about my weigh in it is then.

Slimming World Sunday Weigh in 13


As last week was so busy I’ve had a couple of ready meals as it was nearly 9pm when I got home those nights.  I’ve also had a lack of speed foods too which has meant that my weight loss this week was only 1lb.  Still better than nothing!  I only have 2lb to lose until I’ve lost a stone and 3lb to go for my club 10, I would have loved to have reached my first stone award by Wednesday but as I’m failing at life being organised I very much doubt that will happen.  Today is a new today and I have chicken and vegetable soup bubbling away in my slow cooker, I am about to make up jars of prepared salads and then will sit down and plan my meals for the week so I won’t be relying on Tesco’s Free From Ready Meals on those nights.  I maybe won’t get my stone award this week but I’m making bloody sure that I get it the week after!!


What are your quick go-to meals when you are short on time? Again I’m linking up to #SlimmingSunday with Michelle and Emma, so join in too if you have a post or check them out if you want more weight loss tips, recipes, etc.




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4 responses to “Slimming World Sunday | Weigh in 13”

  1. Really sorry to hear about your FIL, I hope they have been able to make him comfortable. Despite your very long work days it sounds as if you are still doing well and fab news that you are on it today cooking and planning healthy meals. Have a good week, Mich x

  2. Sadie says:

    I hope your FIL gets well looked after and that any treatment he needs goes well.
    Busy weeks can be a nightmare for sticking on plan. My go-to meals when I’m pressed for time are usually a salad with couscous and either eggs or tinned fish, or something like a stir fry or grilled pork chop with random veggies. But I do a lot of batch or over cooking, so I can freeze the extra portions and have my own version of a ready meal when I don’t have the time (or motivation!) to cook from scratch. Things like chilli, curry and spag bol freeze really well.

  3. Your poor father in law, hope he is doing better now. Sounds like you’ve had one hell of a busy week, you’ve done brilliantly to lose 1lb! Have a great week!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Father-in-law, hope he’s got the help he needs. Well done on your 1lb loss, you’ll be getting that stone certificate in no time. Thanks for linking up with #SlimmingSunday

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