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I am such a crap blogger at the moment as with with work, going to Jazzercise and Slimming World I’m not getting home until after 8 every night so I’m really struggling with finding the time to write up blog posts just now. By the time I get home, cook dinner and have a bath or shower it’s more or less bedtime and I’m just too knackered to sit down and type up a post, particularly if I’m up at 5.45am the next day. Anyway enough of my moans (well for now at least) and find out how I got on at my weigh-ins over the last three weeks.

Week 3 gave me a 1.5lb loss and yet again I felt deflated at losing such a small amount, I’m following the diet as it tells me; I’m not having any sneaky extras, I’ve not had any takeaways nor have I touched a drop of alcohol, I’m exercising 2-2.5 hours a week at Jazzercise plus I’m even walking to and from some of my classes which is 25 mins each way and when other people in the class are losing 3lb, 4lb and even 5lb in a week it’s really hard to not feel pissed off that all you can manage is 1.5lb when you are starting to feel deprived of all the nice things you could eat before like avocado (14 syns!!), full fat Mayo (5 syns a level tablespoon when you are used to a heaped tablespoon which is roughly 15 syns) and Prosecco which is 5 syns for a 125ml glass and who actually drinks that miniscule amount anyway?! If you are drinking Prosecco then it’s a half bottle minimum as far as I’m concerned! So I made up my mind that if I didn’t lose at least 2lbs by the following week then this diet was obviously not for me and maybe I should try Weight Watchers again as I did lose half a stone in the first two weeks on that diet.

Week 4 and I lost 2lb! Hurray!! Finally a half decent weight loss, I did up my speed foods to half a plate rather than the at least third of a plate Slimming World recommend but I also had a couple of packets of crisps that week too that may have put me above my syns one day but my body requested them and I obviously had to oblige! It must have been my lucky week as I won the weekly class raffle which was a spice organiser and spices, looking back perhaps I should have played the lottery that week…..hmmmmmm. I’ve now lost a total of 5 and a half pounds and am 3 notches tighter on my belt now so although I’m not down a lot weight wise my body is losing inches due to exercise.

Week 5 I lost 2.5lbs and finally got my 1/2 stone certificate and sticker!! I’m now down a total of 8lb and weigh in at 9stone 13.5lb (I’m so glad that I’m now under the 10 stone bracket even if it is only by half a pound :D) This weight loss has now spurred me on to reach my 1st stone which I hope to get by mid April. I’m still continuing with my half plate of speed foods when I have my meals and my favourite workday breakfast is overnight nutribix which is the gluten free alternative of Weetabix; put two nutribix/Weetabix biscuits in a Kilner jar and cover with milk (I use almond milk), keep in the fridge overnight and the next morning it should be mushy in texture, pour into a pan and heat gently. Once it’s hot enough serve in a bowl and top with fruit, I’m loving Tesco’s frozen mixed fruits at the moment as it has raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and red currants, also if you have overheated the Weetabix then the frozen fruit should help cool it down much quicker. As this uses both your Hex A & B then you aren’t using any syns for your breakfast plus the frozen fruit is your speed, just remember not to cook the fruit in the Weetabix mix as you will need to syn it then.

HEX A&B Breakfast Slimming World

I am also officially a fitness freak as I’ve just signed up for a 12 month membership for Jazzercise as I am really enjoying it, it costs £28 a month and as I’m paying £6 per class I’m saving over £20 a month with the classes that I go to. Health wise my resting heart rate has dropped from around 72bpm to 58bpm, I’m sleeping better ie I’m in Dreamland by the time my head hits the pillow and I’m also feeling fitter as well as having a perkier bum as it is no longer sliding down the back of my thighs!

Do you exercise? If so, what do you do?

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