What To Expect At Your First Slimming World Class

Slimming World What Happens At Your First Class

One of my New Year goals was to lose some weight.  I have put on around two stone over the last few years and I would really like to shift it and be able to wear some of the lovely smaller sized clothes that I’ve kept in my wardrobe.  As a 5ft 2in short arse it means that any extra weight that I carry is noticeable.  Sadly I cannot carry it as well as a taller person and I just see a short, frumpy person looking back at me in the mirror wondering wtf happened. On Wednesday I went to my first ever Slimming World class along with a friend from work.  I’ve tried numerous times to lose weight.  Apart from a few pounds here and there it would slowly (and even quickly) find its way back on.  Hopefully with the support of a class rather than on my own will give me the extra push to make it work this time around.  So what can you expect at your first Slimming World class?

Slimming World What To Expect At Your First Class

What To Expect At Your First Slimming World  Class

As I was going with a friend I knew where and when my local classes were but have a look online for your nearest Slimming World class.  I was met by my group consultant, a lovely lady who has been on the Slimming World journey herself and has remained at her target weight for years.  She was really positive about Slimming World and how it can make you lose weight without feeling that you were starving yourself of food as well as allowing yourself a few treats.  I was then given my starter pack as well as a form to complete while she finished weighing the rest of the group.  Looking around the class there was a mix of people mainly female but there were a few men too.  All different ages ranging from early 20s to seniors as well as various shapes and sizes.

Slimming World books

So what is in the starter pack?

You will find a few books that will help you with your weight loss:

The Love Food, Love Food Optimising one is basically your Slimming World Bible.  It explains everything on how the food optimising diet works and is your go-to for finding out which foods are free, your Hex As and Bs, as well as your syns. Unless you already know about how the Slimming World diet works then you will be reading this thinking “Eh? What are you talking about, woman?!” but don’t worry it all makes sense after reading the book and seems easy to follow.

While you can lose weight just by being on the diet alone it makes sense that exercising too will help you shift it faster.  Plus it will make you feel good too.  This is where the Love Life, Love Body Magic book comes in. You are not going to be expected to run a marathon after your first month but it’s more about changing the little things like moving around a bit more.  So a 10-15 minute walk in your lunch hour every day.  Walking around your living room while on the phone rather than sitting down to talk.  Or even getting up to make a cup of tea in an ad break.  Gradually build it up so you have 30 minutes moderately intense exercise 5 days a week.

The Everyday Menus and Motivation book is just as it says it is.  It has sample menus such as My No Time To Cook Day, My Back To Basic and a My Come Dine With Me Day as well as personal stories of people who have been successful on the diet plan.

You will find lots of encouragement and support with the Love Friendship, Love Your Slimming World book.

What To Expect At Your First Slimming World Class

The Weigh In

Probably the most dreaded part of your first class.  On my weigh in I was 10st 7.5lb, this is the heaviest that I have ever been.  I went to Weight Watchers 15 years ago when I weighed 9st 5lb and thought I was overweight back then so finding out I was over a stone heavier was a shock.  Although it has made me determined to work really hard to lose it. I have given myself a target weight of 8st 7lb so two stones to lose which I think is achievable.

Your weight is kept confidential between you and your consultant. No one else will ever know your start weight so don’t worry about that side of things.   You are encouraged to stay after your weigh in but it is not compulsory and you can leave as soon as you have been weighed.  The reason they like you to stay back is for Image Therapy.  This is where you can share ideas, swap recipes and encourage others when they haven’t had such a good week for weight loss.  My first class was when they had a taster session.  This is where people take along food that they have made for others to try that are either free foods or low syns.  It seemed slightly ironic that a slimming class was full of tasty food.


Just to show that it’s not all salads and low fat tasteless things that you will be eating on this diet the photo below is what I ate for my breakfast today.  I had bacon (without the fat), baked beans, cooked tomatoes with mushrooms and eggs fried in Frylight. This is classed as free food which means that I can eat as much as this as I want.

Slimming World Free Foods

I hope you found this post helpful and now know what to expect at your first Slimming World class.  Have you ever tried Slimming World to lose weight? What are your weight loss tips?  Let me know below.

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