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Cherry Cola Ham, I know some people will screw up their face in disgust at the thought of this recipe I mean I did this myself the first time I had heard of it but it is a recipe that totally works as it has the right combination of sweet and salty. I usually cook this overnight in the slow cooker and walking into the kitchen in the morning you will be met with the most amazing aromas. It. Smells. Sooooo. Good.
Nigella does a Ham in Coca-Cola recipe and this is my take on it, having tried both the cherry and the normal flavours of cola I’d say that the cherry version is far, far better as it adds a sweeter taste to the ham. It is a Christmas favourite at Chez Denise usually being cooked during the night of the 23rd and  ready for eating on Christmas Eve at lunch time and finished off on Boxing Day, you can eat it in sandwiches, with mash and green beans (my favourite) or chips.
Ham in Cola Recipe

Slow Cooker Cherry Cola Ham


What you will need

Unsmoked Gammon Joint
Cherry Coke
2 Celery Sticks
Large Onion

How to make

Slice your onion and chop the celery sticks into quarters then throw them into the slow cooker.
Remove all the packaging from the gammon joint and place into the slow cooker and top up with cherry Coke until 2/3rds of the ham is covered. I only used around 400mls of the cherry Coke in my slow cooker but it depends on how big the gammon joint is on how much liquid you will require.
Cover the slow cooker with the lid, turn on to low and let it cook for around 6-8hours overnight. You will notice that the treacle colour of the cherry Coke has now turned clear, no idea how that happens :).
If you eat the ham while still hot you will notice that it has a “pulled pork” look to it but if you allow it to cool down before cutting then you can cut into slices.
Fancy glazing your ham? Cut the yucky fatty layer off and using a knife score diamond shapes into the fat, if you have whole cloves you can poke them into each diamond shape for added Christmas effect/taste. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of mustard and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar into a cup or bowl, then pour over the ham and place it in a hot oven (180deg) for around 30 minutes until it starts to go golden brown.


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I can guarantee that this will end up on your menu time and time again as I’m yet to meet someone who has made this not like it. What’s a Christmas favourite food in your house?


If you try out this recipe or anything else from my blog, I’d really love to hear any feedback!

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