Spray Painted Pine Cones

Spray Painted Pine Cones | Looking for a cheap but effective Christmas centrepiece? How about these Spray Painted Pine Cones? Easy to make too #christmas #diy #spray #painted #pine #cones #centrepiece #centerpiece #tablescapes
After clearing out one of our cupboards recently I came across a bag of pine cones and decided to use them for a Christmas centrepiece.  I decided to make spray painted pine cones, the idea that I had in mind was to spray paint them in pastel pink, blue and mint colours and put them in a vase.  Finding those colours of spray paint was proving quite difficult as I couldn’t find them on eBay or in Hobbycraft but I then remembered that I had a can of white spray paint already and thought if I sprayed them white I could then use the cosmic shimmer paints I had to give off the same effect.
It never came out how I wanted it to!  The effect was white pine cones with the faintest of colours and well, looked a bit crap if I’m being honest. I then headed to Hobbycraft and hunted high and low for decent colours of spray paint and could only find bright pink, royal blue and yellow plus these were £9 a tin so not exactly working out to be a cheap craft project! I did however find metallic gold and silver spray paints for only £2 each so settled for those instead.


Spray Painted Pine Cones
Spray Painted Pine Cones


Spray Painted Pine Cones

What you need:

Spray Paints (I used metallic gold and silver)

Pine Cones


As it was a cold but dry day I went outside to spray them rather than inside as no matter how much I cover the area where I am spray painting I still manage to get it over the edges. Although I just spray painted the pine cones all over you could spray with an adhesive and roll in glitter for a sparkly look or you could even dip them into paint for a thicker coating to them. Leave them overnight to dry properly and then you can use them however you want; you can put them in a vase like me or even a bowl, tie some twine and use them as tree decorations or even for decorating your wrapped gifts.


Spray Painted Pine Cones
Spray Painted Pine Cones
Spray Painted Pine Cones


What colours would you spray your pine cones?


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