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DIY Christmas Planner

When do you start planning for Christmas? Are you Ms Organised that when December arrives your presents are wrapped and your freezer is full with festive food or do you enjoy the last minute chaos of present buying and Christmas Eve gift wrapping? Me, I’m somewhere in between! I start buying presents around end of September and think that I have loads of time and yet I still end up with last minute gift buying and wrapping on Christmas Eve.

If you would like to be less stressed this festive period then why not get yourself organised this Crimbo with a Christmas Planner, there are ones that you can buy in the shops (I have a Cath Kidston Deer one from a few years ago that is far too lovely to use) or as I will show you, ones that you can make yourself.

DIY Christmas Planner

If you fancy making your own Christmas Planner they are very easy to make and you can have it the way that you want it with categories you will use, you can also make it as glittery or as minimal as you want it to look.

DIY Christmas Planner


What you will need:


Christmas Patterned Paper

Double Sided Sticky Tape/Glue Dots


Label Maker (Optional)

How to make:

Firstly cut the patterned paper to fit the notebook.
Attach the ribbon to the notebook using a few glue dots, ensuring that you have enough of a length to tie it.
If your notebook is spiral bound then you will need to cut slits into the paper to go between the spirals before attaching the paper to the notebook. Either use glue dots or double sided sticky tape to stick the paper on.
Decorate your cover how you want it using stickers, die cuts, etc.

Use your label maker (or make your own) and make tabs for each section of your Christmas Planner that you want


DIY Christmas Planner
Christmas Planner DIY
Christmas ORganiser
DIY Christmas Planner

Now that you have a pretty Christmas Planner it’s time to start on the inside, what sections do you want; card/gift list, food, to do, crafts, budget, etc it’s your planner so use it to organise the way that is relevant to you. Don’t forget to decorate the inside as well using washi tape, stickers, stamps, etc.

DIY Christmas Planner
DIY Christmas Planner DIY Christmas Planner

DIY Christmas Planner


DIY Christmas Planner


Do you use a Christmas Planner? If you do make one of these then let me know by tweeting me a pic (@thelifeofdeem) as I’d love to see them 🙂

If you are looking for other Christmas crafts:

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